This new section is dedicated to golfing societies – over the coming weeks we will be adding various new features to this part of the site to help showcase and support the many golfing societies that are playing across the midlands regions and golf clubs.

If you are a new or old golfing society then we want hear from you. We’d love to know where you’re playing or played, your recommendations, your society pictures and also some of those legendary golf society stories (the clean ones only please!).

On the Tee will also be our regular monthly tribute to the golf societies in The Midlands. Each issue we invite a captain or member to write an article all about their group, what they get up to in a typical society year, where they like to play and enjoy their golfing trips across the region and sometimes beyond. We invite all societies to contribute to Midlands Golfer in this way, it doesn’t cost a penny and as more and more groups are making Ryder Cup style matches against other societies part of their rotas, On the Tee is becoming something of a social hub too.