A GAUDET Luce GC member is one of 11 young people who are set to give the sport a fresh voice.

Emily Furness (pictured third right) is one of the Young Ambassadors for England Golf and the Golf Foundation and through her own stories, enthusiasm and love of the sport, she wants to make the game truly inclusive.
The 18-year-old will also try to get more people talking about and playing the game by speaking at meetings, blogging and vlogging as well as getting involved with national campaigns.

“I am passionate about golf and think as part of a team we can enthuse and inspire others to get involved,” said Furness.
“I think my experiences in golf and my love for the game gives me an advantage of having credibility.”
She also has a particular interest in organising golf events for people with disabilities, having been inspired by conversations with injured ex-servicemen.
“Talking to them has made me realise that what I want to do as a career is to coach disabled golfers and to organise golf events for them,” she said.

Furness took up golf when she was 12 and credits the sport with having done wonders for her confidence.
“I don’t think I could have talked to two people when I started, but I gave a speech to a room of 100 people the other day and I really enjoyed it,” she added.
Furness and the rest of the ambassadors recently got together for a training session involving the Youth Sport Trust and the Sport and Recreation Alliance. It was a chance to share their experiences and similar themes emerged across the age range.

“They’re an amazing group,” said Lee Dolby, England Golf’s young people manager.
“By sharing their stories they’ll help raise awareness of golf, show the positive impact of young people and prove that it’s a game for all.”





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