Young golfers from across the United Kingdom are being invited to participate in a new project that will help combat plastic pollution and reduce its impact on the planet. 

Through educational workshops and beach cleans the youngsters will explore sources of pollution and the impact on marine environments and identify positive actions that golf clubs can take.  They will then be set the challenge to drive change at their own golf clubs.

Golf is played in beautiful places,” commented founder of sustainable golf brand OCEANTEE and lead on the FORETHEOCEAN project Ed Sandison. “We want future generations to be able to enjoy the fabulous views and wildlife we all take for granted and that means taking action now to protect the environment.  We hope these youngsters go away feeling empowered to become activists and inspire others to take action themselves.”

This project represents collaboration working at its best.  OCEANTEE is bringing together its partners the Marine Conservation Society, who are providing the education, and The Ladies European Tour (LET) who hosted the launch session at The Trust Golf Women’s Scottish Open on August 10th at Dumbarnie Links.

Young people from across the region attended the workshop which explored Scottish marine wildlife, focusing on marine conservation, and the effects of litter, particularly single use plastic, on the environment.

Jenny Griffiths, Education Manager at the Marine Conservation Society said: “As well as using our beach clean data to understand pollution, the young golfers will also be making their own contribution to our database by taking part in a beach clean.  We’ve been cleaning beaches and collecting data for over 30 years, which helps us identify patterns and inform our campaigns, so these young people really will help shape the future of our work.”

Parents, guardians, representatives from the tournament including sponsors and players Stacy Lewis (pictured,who won the event last year) and Camille Chevalier joined OCEANTEE Ambassador Inci Mehmet and the children on the beach to conduct a scientific survey of the debris left over a 100m area.

This project is about empowerment so at the end of the session the young golfers were given ideas and actions that they can take away and implement in everyday life and at their own golf clubs.  The golf clubs will be encouraged to share their work in progress and track results with one lucky venue winning a visit from a Tour golfer.

This is all aligned with the sustainability initiative that the LET launched last year – Celebrating the Green, presented by Dow delivered in close partnership with the GEO Foundation – which aims to champion environment, climate, and community action across women’s golf.

After the introduction of this initiative, the LET was delighted to announce OCEANTEE as a Proud Supplier for the 2021 season with players and Pro-Am competitors having access to their award winning durable and sustainable bamboo tees. Now, OCEANTEE and the Marine Conservation Society are also set to deliver this educational session as part of the Tour’s sustainability initiative.

The LET is committed to working with our partners to create a positive change, which is why we are so pleased to be able to support this amazing project.  There is an immediate impact in terms of the beach clean and in the longer term, it will be part of driving the conversation around the practical implications for golf and the environment,” commented LET Commercial Director Emma Allerton.

2021 is VisitScotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters which made Dumbarnie Links the perfect inaugural location for the Sustainability Series event, the results of which will be presented after the event at Dumbarnie Links in August.

OCEANTEE and The Marine Conservation Society plan to roll the education out in various formats to golf clubs and tournaments in the coming year.


OCEANTEE is striving to push sustainability to the forefront of the golf industry by providing premium quality, sustainable golf products to golfers, clubs, owners and organisations across the world.  OCEANTEE chooses materials, processes and manufacturers that make as little impact on the environment as possible.  From sourcing responsibly to designing shipping and packaging strategies, OCEANTEE are constantly striving to reduce the global footprint of the business.

The Marine Conservation Society campaigns for clean seas and beaches, sustainable fisheries, and protection of marine life. Through education, community involvement and collaboration, the Marine Conservation Society raises awareness of the many threats that face our seas and promotes individual, industry and government action to protect the marine environment.

The Marine Conservation Society provides information and guidance on many aspects of marine conservation and produces the Good Fish Guide as well as involving thousands of volunteers in projects and surveys such as Beachwatch.