Oakmere’s SheCanGolf beginners & returners group have enjoyed a fabulous summer on both the Admirals & Commanders Courses at Oakmere Golf Club, Oxton in Nottinghamshire.

Once the Courses reopened following the lockdown restrictions it was great that again this year some in the group are choosing flexible or full club memberships and getting into weekday & weekend club competitions.

As importantly, many SheCanGolfers ….and maybe for the first time were taking the skills learnt in their weekly lessons with Jamie Jarvis PGA Professional out onto the course in SheCanGolf friends groups, which is great!

The aim of the group is about helping to increase the participation of girls, women, couples & family golf groups at Oakmere with an overall aim for inclusive golf in the UK to become the norm. This obviously takes time, initially women would say they were too busy, couldn’t afford the time or golf is too expensive or it was just not for them! … and generally the feeling was it was never going to happen so why try to make change!

It seems this is exactly why or otherwise year in year, no real social change will happen towards golf as a sports/leisure choice being seen as an exciting & attractive experience for women of all ages.

Encouragingly though, since the first group golf taster in April 2017 …. many of the women love playing and are definitely ‘getting hooked on golf!’ So it is pleasing to see Oakmere’s SheCanGolf Group has grown since its beginnings, year on year. A difficult challenge maybe but so exciting and so worth the time, effort & full on commitment to a sport which offers so much more than just a game.

The age range of women wanting to give golf a try or get back into golf is from 20 – 50+ years … showing that there are women out there who are wanting to play if given the opportunity to when they can, which is mostly in the evenings or on flexible working days & weekends.

SheCanGolfer Nicola says….. “I have always been very active and enjoy being out in the fresh air. So after having my second child and now having two under 2, I wanted to look to do something which is outdoors and also gives me the opportunity to meet new people and have some much needed ‘me’ time each week.”

“After looking at many golf courses I found Oakmere’s SheCanGolf beginners & returners group offering weekly golf lessons with Jamie which are just brilliant. I have never played golf before and with the lessons having such mixed abilities I feel relaxed which is exactly what I was looking for. That’s before I have the drink afterwards with the ladies! I couldn’t recommend it enough.”

SheCanGolf offers flexible & affordable coaching times with an overall aim to meet the needs of today’s busy working, business & family lifestyles… offering a fresh approach to golf where women can learn to play golf in a fun & friendly group and get to the lessons & social events whenever they CAN!

Hence the name of the group. SheCAN … learn to play golf and SheCAN come to lessons whenever SheCAN get there! These women have shown a commitment to want to learn the game & are very keen to want to improve, which is fantastic to see.

SheCanGolf group lessons –  JamieJarvisProfessionalGolfAcademy
07515 817683  –   jamgolf@hotmail.co.uk

Written for MG by Julie Craggs – Oakmere Club Volunteer and SheCanGolf support ‘fore!’ beginners & returners group and calendar of golf & social events.

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