In previous articles, we’ve talked to you and challenged you about how to retain junior members by maximising enjoyment; and yes, while that is absolutely vital, attracting new juniors to your club is just as important. But how are you currently doing that?

Children often get into golf via their parents, who already play the game. However, to ensure the sustainability and progression of our sport in the future, it’s vital that clubs look to increase the diversity of young people within the sport. Attracting young people who don’t come from a typically sporty or ‘golfy’ background, can have a much greater impact in changing perceptions of the game. So, ask yourselves… how can YOU reach out to more children and introduce them to golf?

Did you know that working with your club’s PGA Professional to offer opportunities to local primary schools is one of the most effective ways to boost the number of children enjoying golf at your facility! If you introduce golf to all pupils at a primary school of 300 children and only 5% of them show an interest in continuing to play golf back at your club, that’s potentially 15 new junior members. Build a strong relationship with a couple of your local primary schools and you’re on to a winner!

What is the best way to approach schools?

Your area is likely to have School Games Organiser who works for a School Sport Partnership, or Active Partnership in the county. It’s a good idea to contact them with your offer as they will have relevant school contacts and may help you get in touch with the right people at the schools – make the most of their knowledge and contacts. Alternatively, you can contact schools directly and ask to speak to the Head Teacher or PE coordinator. A face-to-face meeting will work best however if you do email your offer to the school, make sure the approach is professional and what you are offering is clear and highlights the benefits of golf for the pupils and the school. Also remember that most schools have funding to spend on new sport opportunities!

Why would schools want golf coaches?

Primary school teachers are always eager for their pupils to try new sports, and it’s even better when a specialist coach delivers sessions, whether it is in PE lessons or after-school clubs. School golf programmes can also support Curriculum learning. Golf can be a high-energy game that helps with fitness. It actively promotes co-operation and respect among its players, and sportsmanship and good behaviour follows. It can be played in a variety of places at school, offering flexibility for PE lessons. Primary schools can also take part in ‘School Games’ competitions – and golf events are a popular feature of School Games programmes in most counties.

We can’t use proper golf equipment in schools though, can we?

No, that would be too dangerous, particularly with primary school children. The Golf Foundation are launching a new range of school golf equipment this summer for use in primary and secondary schools. Some schools will have some plastic golf equipment already however if you are looking to source you own, we would suggest you get in touch with the Golf Foundation to find out what equipment bags would work best for your school project.

Do you have any other ideas around creating strong links with local schools? We’d love to hear about your success stories. Let us know and feel free to get in touch with the Golf Foundation for activity ideas too!

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