The Lady Captain’s Day at Harborne GC for Mary Fraise, the first of her tenure, was always going to be non-starter a few days from the Birmingham based course reopening and the most Mary thought she could hope for was a ‘welcome back to golf’ morning.   Getting the ladies back together again was an easy sell and an almost full complement turned out to play golf together on the day.  What Mary wasn’t aware of though, for the past week, the entire section,  including HGC’s Academy ladies, had been secretly plotting to get a zoom meeting together to surprise her.

 Mary Fraise (L) with Hilary Blake (R) when golf returned to HGC

Obviously, with so many ladies online a programme was needed so Lady Chairman, Penny Waddington, was called into MC and past Lady Captain, Judith Hinton, was also on hand to say a few words.   Over fifty ladies found their way onto zoom, many for the very first time, and the age range went up to ninety years of age, with one member dialling in from Lahore in India (midnight their time),  one GP from her surgery and another seemingly sitting on the golf course.

Photos and stories from everyone completed the soiree and Mary Fraise, once she’d got over the shock of it said she was ‘blown away’.  We may not have had a traditional Lady Captain’s Day but our virtual one was the next best thing and so 21st Century!