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KRONOS Putters – Crafting something you can trust

Over the summer Midlands Golfer got to test some of the world’s finest handmade putters from KRONOS. The reality is, whatever putter you use requires constant practice, and the shift to a more expensive putter isn’t going to bring you instant results. However, as soon as you place one these into your hands you know your handling something special, rare and potentially rewarding.

Whilst the KRONUS range isn’t huge, they do offer a good choice to suit most golfers and they come in two beautiful finishes – Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel. There is also an exclusive rare hand engraved Hinotori version, but at $20,000, it’s a little extravagant for most!


KRONOS is the vision of Phillip Lapuz, Eric Williams, and their friends. KRONOS is compelled by the desire to create the most precise and balanced putters possible without gimmicks. Together they bring over a century of expertise to the golf industry. It’s a feel good, quality hand made product in a variety of designs and class finishes.

KRONOS ethos is to design with: cutting, polishing, coating, and assembly in mind. They design and execute from start to finish. Nothing gets lost in translation because of one simple fact: there is no translating, for KRONOS this means – One piece of metal = one putter head.

They minimize imprecision by superior design and superior execution. All putters are assembled by the world’s finest craftsmen using only the finest techniques from only the highest quality materials. Each putter is precision milled from a solid billet of metal to maintain the purity of the metal and the integrity of the structure. KRONOS delicately polishes each piece by hand to preserve as much of the precision as possible, then minimally coats as needed to match the material.


MG-Kronos-MetronometopFinally, the putter head is hand painted and cured before each club is hand assembled and individually balanced. Each head is designed specifically to balance on the sight line on the center of gravity. In other words, the sweet spot is where the line is drawn. This is something that most people think can be taken for granted, and oddly enough, it is rarely seen in practice.

For KRONOS,  a putter is a precision instrument. KRONOS combine modern manufacturing techniques with traditional shapes, they use complementing finishing techniques to match our materials, and they partner with the world’s best craftsmen with the latest advances in manufacturing technology. KRONOS use a variety of common and rare metals, all using solid billets to ensure no air pockets in the material – they acknowledge the properties of all their materials, and they acknowledge and embrace the differences.



The video below gives you an insight to the precision manufacturing that KRONOS implements and helps justify their premium price point.



MG Feedback
James: The KRONOS putters offer the highest of quality from the way the putter looks, to the exceptional feel the putter gives at impact. One of the best, if not the best feeling putter I have used. Due to the price of the putters it is not going to be for everyone but it should definitely be considered.

Verdict –
We reviewed several putters from the range and couldn’t find fault with any of them, they all performed amazingly. The putting face gives a solid connection and helps the ball run true towards the hole. They inspire, bring confidence and ultimately give you a feel good factor and thats what really counts. If you’re in the market for a new putter and willing to spend a little extra, then we suggest you try and test one of these first, you won’t be disappointed!

Purchase –
Check out the Golfinglinks website or your local golf shop for more details