The Young Ambassador programme has been running with the support of England Golf and the Golf Foundation since 2018.

In 2022 we have more young people joining us to battle negative perceptions of juniors, provide innovative ideas for the world of golf and inspire more young people to join the game.

The Young Ambassadors are a group of 18 young people who are passionate about junior golf. We work with England Golf and the Golf Foundation to be the voice of young people in the sport and ultimately grow the game of golf. As part of this, we present, discuss and share our views with boards and committees in the hope that we can motivate them to listen to the voices of young people when making decisions on the future of golf.

We also present the Hero’s Handshake Award to juniors who are doing amazing things for the game. Our passion is to break down the stereotypes surrounding juniors and the general misconceptions about young people in golf.

Who are the new Young Ambassadors?

The seven current group members have helped to recruit 11 new Young Ambassadors from across England. We are so excited as this means that we will be working with fresh sets of ideas, perspectives, and opinions on the best ways to grow junior golf and make it more inclusive for all.

Djalece van der Merwe (17, Shropshire) and Ryka Verma (14, Staffordshire) are both particularly passionate about increasing participation in women and girls’ golf. Djalece will be captaining the Shropshire County Girls’ team this year and Ryka is a keen ambassador for the Girls Golf Rocks programme.

Izzie Rowan (17, Dorset) as a relatively new golfer, will be providing an alternative perspective on the issues within the game. Izzie wants to help address equality and diversity within the sport, which is also a passion shared by fellow new Young Ambassador Tamir Khan (17, Middlesex). He describes the sport as ‘empowering’ as it has supported him to become a more confident individual.

Emily-Grace Horsted (17, Lincolnshire) and Lucy Robinson (15, Hertfordshire) have both experienced the benefits golf has on both their physical and mental health. They wish to promote to more young people how good golf can be for their mental health and encourage them to have a go!

Bea Cheverton (15, Kent) and Chloe Saunders (15, Somerset) are both very enthusiastic about getting more juniors engaged in the game whether that be playing, competing, or watching it on the telly!

Alex Holding (22, Oxfordshire) is most interested in student involvement within golf: “I believe educational spaces are a great platform for connecting young golfers. As an ambassador, I wish to contribute to the engagement and growth of golf’s wide-ranging opportunities for young golfers of all demographics.”

Jen Myers (17, Hampshire) is passionate about getting children to have a go at golf at a younger age. Her love of the sport has grown since starting at the age of nine, and in the future, she hopes to move into a career in golf. James Tucknott (15, Cornwall) has also got ambitions to go far in golf. He loves the team opportunities that golf provides and enjoys the competitive side of the game.

All of our new Young Ambassadors are really excited to join the programme, we are ready for a year of educating, innovating and inspiring.

If you want to find out more about the Young Ambassadors, or if you want to know more about what you can do to support the juniors at your club, get in touch via:

Twitter: @GolfAmbassadors

Instagram: @golfambassadors