OCEANTEE, the sustainable golf brand, is introducing a range of garments for men and women using the world’s first biodegradable elastane;  ROICA Eco-Smart. 

Despite its impressive performance, which make it an ideal choice for golf garments, this ground-breaking fabric technology has not been used by any other sports brands to date.

ROICA Eco-Smart was premiered in OCEANTEE’s first ever garment; the Mako polo shirt.  Named after the fastest shark in the ocean, the men’s polo has quickly taken off thanks as much to its looks and performance as to its environmentally friendly credentials.  To accompany the men’s Mako, OCEANTEE has added a female version which has been designed in conjunction with a focus group of female golfers.  The result is a fantastic premium product that is tapered to fit the female form, with subtle design features that ensure complete freedom of movement when worn either tucked in or out.

Brand new to the OCEANTEE ROICA range is the Silvertip sweater for men and women.  The Silvertip, also named after an endangered shark, is made from certified organic cotton mixed with ROICA Eco-Smart.  The sweater is naturally breathable, delivers superb stretch and has a luxurious brushed cotton finish.  It is the ideal stylish lightweight, light impact choice for golfers.

Ed Sandison, Founder of OCEANTEE, is proud to be able to bring golfers a high-performance garment range that is sustainable and is equally split 50/50 between men and women.  He explains, “The OCEANTEE brand is evolving really quickly but we remain measured in our approach to design and committed to our key principles.  This means we will endeavour to have the same number of products for men and women, we will continue to donate 25% of our profits to charity and sustainability will be the main driver for our entire business.

All of OCEANTEE’s garments are manufactured in Europe in the only factory in the world to have so far met the textiles procurement standard set by Greenpeace.  Under the standard, organically farmed natural fibres, harmful substances, fair pay and transparency are uniquely combined.

OCEANTEE continues to prove that it is possible for golf companies to use sustainable fabrics and manufacturing processes to produce high performance golf garments.  These ROICA garments will leave you feeling great in every sense.