Get to grips with your Putter

Andy Gorman. PGA Golf Professional, Former Jamaica National Coach, Specialist Putting Consultant since 2006 Playing golf for over 35 years and PGA qualified coach since 1993. Putting coach to Solheim Cup star and LET tour winner Charley Hull and numerous PGA European Tour stars as well as club pros and recreational golfers.


I’ve had countless discussions with professional and recreational golfers alike about how we should hold the putter? And even today, had a golfer apologise for holding the club left-belowright, I can honestly say that I have absolutely no preference and very often recommend a player changing to an alternative grip if they are to achieve a certain change!

Popular variations on grips are:


  • Over-Lapping
  • Reverse Overlap
  • Cack-handed
  • Claw/Pencil Grip


My only preference is that we use enough pressure to control the club, we’ve discussed this in previous issues. All the grips have served champions for many years. As a coach, I want a player to perform at their best by being comfortable and as natural as possible during their stroke or swing. It is essential that we are never complacent with our progress and seek improvements in both consistency and scores.

Often times a change of grip can improve how we strike the ball and as a result, improve the starting direction and roll of the ball. These changes may take time for a player to feel confi dent enough to implement in tournament play. Professionals, as a rule learn how to perform with changes during practice and then on the course, before applying the change in tournaments.

Charley Hull has implemented such a change and is seeing greater consistency and she now shows even more confidence on the greens! Charley has been using the left-below-right grip as part of her practice routine since we started working together in 2012, this change allows for a smoother forward swing and as a result a squarer club face at impact. However, it was only after the British Open this summer that she decided to play with it during tournaments, as a result her stroke is even more consistent and competitive and I’m looking forward to her contending for more wins in the coming months.