Improve your bunker play!

fulch7Improve your bunker play!

Quick Tips – David Fulcher

Bunker shots can be a feared area of the short game; the worry of not getting it out of the sand or hitting too far are common responses I hear.

Professionals commonly say they would rather be in the bunker than chipping at certain times, why is this such a different point of view to the majority of golfers?

The answer is bunker shots don’t need to be perfect, you can take a little too much sand or too little sand and the ball will either spin more or roll more depending on which one happens. If that was on the grass, the bad shot would be a lot of worse.

So how do we conquer the bunker shot . . .



Step 1

Choose your sand wedge which has “bounce” on the bottom and this helps the club slide through the sand.

Step 2

Stance should be shoulder width apart, but importantly ball forward in the stance. Hit the sand two inches behind the ball.





Step 3

Use the right amount of power. If the bunker shot is 10 yards, imagine hitting a normal shot double the distance. A lot of golfers try and use much too much power and this is where we can hit too much or too little sand because we lose control.

Step 4

Splash the sand onto the green. This helps to swing down and through the bunker shot, rather than the club digging into the sand or the golfer not following through.



David is the Director of Golf and Head Pro at Edgbaston GC and an advanced PGA Professional. He has worked alongside some of the leading experts in the fields of physiotherapy, biomechanics and performance coaching.

David and the professional team can be contacted on 0121 4541736 or e-mail