Relentlessly Fearless


So what’s holding you back, from achieving your goals?

Is it Fear of Failure?

As a mental toughness coach, I see all too often, people getting in the way of their own success. They become so tied up in golf results, that they believe how well they play defines how good they are. Fearful of what others might think just adds to the stress and anxiety and consequently sabotages their performance.

Is this happening to you? Here are some classic fears that could be holding you back;

  • Fear of not playing to your handicap
  • Fear of losing the match
  • Fear of embarrassing yourself
  • Fear of how your friends will view you
  • Fear of letting your team down
Do these sound familiar?
Fear of Failure can also be linked very closely to PERFECTIONISM.
There is no room for perfectionism in golf.
If you’re a perfectionist – STOP!  Hard message to receive, but your actually setting yourself up to fail by having unrealistically high expectations. It’s impossible to hit the perfect shot every time, not even Tiger Woods or Jack Nicholas could achieve that!Perfectionists by their very nature also focus on trying to avoid mistakes and failure. The trouble is, when you focus too much on avoiding mistakes, you end up playing more tentatively, or trying to control your shots. This has the opposite effect to what your trying to achieve


So how do I conquer my fear?
You first step is to sit down ask yourself what is it you actually fear and why. For some of you, up to this point you have accepted that at times you become nervous when playing golf, but haven’t actually taken time to understand why this happens and what causes it to occur. Without this understanding you will struggle to move forward and take control.
Tips on how to become relentlessly fearless

  • Ask yourself – What’s the worse thing that can happen? – Be realistic here – It’s not life threatening, there are far worse things that could happen to you in life.
  • Remember Failure is a good thing, it’s where we take our most learnings
  • If you’ve identified a weakness in your game, that’s great news, now you know where you need to focus your attention to improve
  • Take the nerves and use it as motivation – this is what the tour pros do
  • If you fear certain hazards, use visualisation techniques to mentally rehearse yourself playing well
  • Remember why you play golf – it is only a game and we play it for enjoyment!
  • Competition is good, playing with better players will inspire and motivate you
  • Separate your self esteem from your playing self, people will judge you for being you, not on how well you play
  • Embrace your fear – next time you feel fear, ask yourself – “How would my best self cope with this situation?”
  • Be realistic in setting yourself goals – make them achievable but challenging. Taking small steps will not only keep you motivated, but will also boost your confidence achieving results along the way.

For more help on these techniques, why not book a session with me and unlock your true potential.

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Carol Alford


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