Golf Foundation and England Golf Young Ambassadors cannot wait to get back to a summer of golf.

The past few months of school, revision and exams have been hard work for many young people, so let’s do what we can to support them back to enjoying golf!

The Young Ambassadors say SUMMER CAMPS are a fun, productive way to learn and adjust your golf skills in a short space of time. Most importantly, it’s a great way to break up the long summer holiday and stay connected with friends.

Full day or half day summer camps offer juniors of all abilities a chance to get beyond the driving range or practice ground – a valuable opportunity to get out on the golf course to develop their knowledge of different playing formats and etiquette. Club volunteers and PGA Coaches can be creative for these sessions, designing fun activities that enable children to sharpen their social skills and improve their ability to work as a team. In turn, they will gain confidence, become closer friends with other juniors at the club and enjoy golf more!

Whether in a competitive manner or just for fun, we want as many young people as possible to have accessible and fun summer activities to get involved in at their local golf facility. So, what is your club organising?

The Golf Foundation have a network of Regional Development Officers who, along with the England Golf Club Support Officers, can work with your club to help you plan these types of junior activities.

If you are a parent, have a look for local summer camp offers at golf facilities near you and get your child involved, whether they are a complete beginner or a progressing golfer. A fun and a successful journey in golf could start here!