We may be in lockdown but many Midlands based clubs remain busy, using the time to fast forward course and club improvements likely planned for spring 2021 or even later.

MG invites all local golf clubs to post us details of what they’ve been up to in this period of golfing inactivity.

The South Staffordshire Club in Wolverhampton are a prime example of a working club in lockdown. Here, Sue LeBeau (General Manager) details what they’ve been up to and what their members and visitors can look forward to when they return.

Article written on Friday February 4th

Children and Young People Safeguarding Policy

“The club is committed to maintaining a safe environment for children and young people to ensure that the sport of golf is one in which all participants can thrive and enjoy a positive experience.”

Safeguarding Adults Policy

“The club is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment for all individuals involved in golf. The charter is a statement of intent uniting the entire industry and individual golf clubs, now to include South Staffs, in generating a better gender balance at all levels. It commits us all to supporting measures to increase the number of women, girls and
families playing golf. It calls for positive action to encourage women to pursue careers in all areas of the sport and recognises the need for change that creates an inclusive environment within golf generally and our club in particular.”

MGALS - Sth Staffs society day

“In the midst of the winter lockdown, many golfers could be forgiven for thinking that work on the regions golf courses has slackened off and nature can take its course. As the green keeping fraternity will quickly tell you, its not like that at all. In fact, this is the time of year when the “hard hours” that are put in on the course will set you up for the long summer days. The “benefit” of the lockdown is that work can continue without concern for holding up play and disturbing the membership.”

“Here at South Staffs, we are really pleased to have been able to keep the whole team on site. Led by our Head Greenkeeper, Paul Law, the team move from one task to the next, usually dependent on the ambient weather conditions. Ten days ago, we managed to get a hand cut on all our greens, as well as the aprons and around the greenside bunkers.

Three days later the heavens opened and the focus changed to clearing the yard, tidying up stray branches and lower limbs of trees. In the background, but nonetheless very important, is machinery maintenance, servicing and grinding the cutting edges of all the blades. We’ve also been hard at work slitting the fairways a number of times and verti draining tees, greens and fairways. Last weeks job was to get on top of the root cause of a couple of long standing drainage problems – not the ideal conditions, but having a closed course really helped us to do this without any golfers on site.”

“Last but not least we are in the process of having our Gentlemen’s changing rooms refurbished and have had a fantastic new extended patio, so after a game of golf enjoy a drink overlooking the fabulous course. all making it more COVID friendly too.

I think that’s all for now, we can’t wait to welcome you all back when it’s safe to again.”