As the weather gets colder yet again and the evenings remain dark, the Young Ambassadors have been thinking about how to keep juniors engaged this winter, and we implore you to do the same!

Nobody likes the rain and the cold that comes with winter golf in England so it’s even more important that we find ways to keep golf fun for juniors this winter. We know how difficult it can be and so we came up with some ideas around how to keep juniors engaged this winter and increase retention by the time the summer comes around!

Make practice more enjoyable

We all practice on the range more over the winter than any other time of year and it’s fair to say that it can become quite repetitive. So why not encourage your juniors to vary their sessions? Try getting them to hit alternative targets on the range or play games where they have to hit different shaped shots. You could even challenge a junior at your club to a competition while they practice. Not only does this make for a productive practice session but it also makes practicing fun and engaging, encouraging juniors to come back up to the range .

You could also try setting up a time for some of the juniors at your club to meet up to practice together. It’s proven that being around friends encourages young people to participate more in a sporting environment, but they don’t always have the means to set up such meetings. By setting up a small meet up on the range at your club you could significantly improve the relationships your juniors have with each other and ultimately inspire them to keep playing this winter.

Taking things off the course

The weather we get in England can sometimes make it difficult to get some proper golf and practice in, but who said it had to be all traditional golf? Instead of being out on the course you could:

  • Play mini golf
  • Try out Topgolf
  • Go bowling
  • Organise a meal out

It doesn’t have to be something big but getting young people together to socialise will keep them thinking about golf and looking forward to the summer season.

Educating juniors on winter golf

Winter golf can be very different to summer golf in terms of rules, attire and equipment and sometimes educating juniors on what is different during the winter can be a great way to make them feel more comfortable on the golf course .

  • Perhaps you could run a winter rules session where you explain some of the extra rules that come into play in winter such as preferred lies, plugged balls, and casual water relief?
  • Or maybe you could do a ‘what’s in the bag?’ competition where juniors have to write a list of everything that they would need in their golf bag during the winter?

The most important thing is to keep in communication with juniors over this winter period and whatever you do keep it enjoyable so that more juniors come back ready for the summer season.

Do you think that your club does enough to support their juniors? Do you have any ideas you would like us to share?

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