Martin Griffin, Head Professional at Moseley Golf Club in Birmingham, recently celebrated 20 years at the club, a job that he is just as passionate about as when he first started.

He explained, “I think 20 years has gone by in a flash. I love the golf course, the members and I am very lucky to be the Head Professional here. Starting as the little lad who turned up for his first day and had very little in the shop, to moving into our new shop in 2008 and just building it all up over the years. I am thankful that the members have looked after me and given me a job for 20 years.”

Griffin became a fully qualified PGA Professional in 1992 whilst training at Droitwich Golf Club, after taking an apprenticeship in the Pro Shop. He then spent seven years in Jersey golf before returning to the Midlands.

With an exceptional golf course and his family in the area, Griffin cannot see himself anywhere other than Moseley. He credits much of his success and longevity at the club to reinventing himself throughout the years as golf has modernised and coaching has evolved.

“Nowadays with videos, launch monitors and custom fitting we are having to attend more and more workshops to keep up to speed. My philosophy may not have changed over the 20 years, but I am more knowledgeable and have more information now. Equipment has changed, the job has changed and I have definitely changed.”

Many of the members and committees have moved on throughout Griffin’s time at the club, but having remained a stalwart he is often the voice of experience for everything golf. It is also a community at the club that Griffin considers himself fortunate to be a part of.

“It is a lovely job because you always know somebody, who knows somebody at the golf club. With 500 members, someone is always willing to help out. I am very lucky in that respect.”