New Society Concierge Service

We are pleased to introduce a brand new service to the magazine, offering a little extra to golf societies and clubs.

Since MG began in 2012 we’ve put a high emphasis on establishing close relationships with our local golf societies who are the lifeblood of the magazine. We already have a huge number of societies affiliated to us, and behind the scenes we’ve often been able to offer an unofficial service, where we have been able to arrange special deals with golf clubs in the Midlands and help them organise their golf days. We are now going to offer that service to all golf societies free of charge as part of our new SOCIETY CONCIERGE SERVICE.

We are now inviting all golf societies to formally join our SOCIETY CONCIERGE SERVICE. This is a totally free service in which we will suggest venues that will suit their golf days and arrange special deals where possible with our partner clubs. As part of this service, we will also send monthly emailers to the societies with special deals and news about possible venues for their next golf days. 

Once we have agreed the arrangements on behalf of your society, the club contact will be passed on to you so that you can then finalise the day yourselves.

We hope you agree that this is a positive way to encourage more golfers to use Midlands courses, and to help ensure that your societies enjoy a great day out on those courses.

Once your society is registered just contact us when you are organising a game and we will try to help you find a venue, suggest venues if needed, and help you agree the best deal we can.

To register your society with the new service email us with the following details:

    For more details on the service please email or call us.

    “For years now we’ve been reading Midlands Golfer and got to know the team by attending their playing events. Always an honest assessment from them over the best places to visit in the Midlands and we’ve discovered many new venues via their recommendations.”

    “MG have always been on hand to fill a late space in our diary each year and will negotiate on our behalf to get the best deal from their golf club partners. We get a good deal that we might not have found without the introduction and Phil and the team get to ensure that their advertising partners are prioritised with direct society bookings as well.”

    “We’ve handed our full diary to Phil and MG to take care of for the past six years. We have a budget and he always keeps on it or a little below and we’ve never had a reason to question the quality of any of the venues he’s arranged on our behalf.”