Maybe this might get adopted and used as a blueprint by other golfers, our social media followers and readers of the magazine. You’re all welcome to join in.

This is NOT to be taken seriously, those around me who know my golf game and attitude towards it won’t be surprised to read that.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love playing but being honest I tend to have something of a casual viewpoint on the game, I’m not a club member and run a mile when anybody suggests anything more competitive to me than ‘a pound a nine’ or something like that. Not really me, I just enjoy the fresh air, the views and the company of me mates, that’ll do.

I can do good things on a course, but mentally, I’m a sand wedge short of a set. Bit of a complete liability on a betterball or scramble team, Mandy finds a mean excuse when threatened with my presence on her team, runs a mile she does – I don’t blame her!

But I do retain a very important facet of being a golfer – I do like to do well in myself. The times I’ve played really well in my life and shot less than 80 are etched in my memory as much as special family moments, great holidays, cup final wins at Wembley I’ve seen and goals after 12 seconds –  yes, right up there they are.

So there is determination in there somewhere, in a solo sense. So I thought this year why not try and bring some order to proceedings, set myself a few goals I can stick to and tick off through the golf season. Maybe it’ll inspire me to send the scores a little lower than in recent times. Got to be worth a try right?

Here’s what I’m working with.

Another incredible fact is that your favourite magazine editor has NEVER had an official handicap. I kinda make it up as I go along and have never said it’s anything other than a brutally honest one. Early days of the mag and the magazine before this one when I played way more golf I was half decent, hovering around the 13/14 mark. It’s gone south ever since, since lockdown I’ve been awful and not played a lot to be honest. For the purposes of this experiment I’m setting it at 22 – honest appraisal.

The goals – from April 1st to September 30th 2024.

A minimum of 30 rounds of golf – 9s or 18s. (If it’s a 9- holer, the handicap becomes 10, I usually play better)

Handicap busting rounds, 9s or 18s – target – 10

Eagles – Forget that, I’ve only had one in total, the hole-in-one at Carden Park, 2010. (I’m seeing them live in Manchester in June, does that count?)

Birdies – Had just five last year, but didn’t play a whole lot – this year’s target is 15

Twos – target – 10

Breaking 90 (18 hole rounds) – Used to do it quite often – this year’s target – 6

Sand saves – Very satisfying aren’t they – lets set a target of 10

25 foot + putts – Here’s where honesty comes in – target – 8

Longest drive – We’ll let the GPS’s work that out – keep you posted (don’t expect miracles!)

Par fives in twoAgain, don’t expect miraclestarget – 2

Wet balls – Will keep count as we go along – target – no more than 20

Ireland 2017 Part 1


We’ll keep one of these too – included needs to be a seaside links round, a game in all of the UK countries and at least one abroad too, (that one has already been booked btw, look out Las Ramblas Golf). At home, a round within each of the 10 Midlands counties.


We’ll cover my efforts through the season online and also on the MG Tiktok channel. We’ll also keep an eye on the handicap and adjust accordingly.

If you’re reading this and maybe of a similar handicap and fancy a go in comparison to mine – that would be awesome. We can add you to the follow up articles we’ll run in the mag this year and see who reaches the targets first. Just for fun – get in touch with myself or message us on social media.