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MG’s New and Updated Ask the Pro, with our two pros –  Anders Mankert and Daniel Parkes.

These two highly skilled gents are teaming up to help you out with your golf game.

Our Pros want to hear from all our readers; gents, seniors, ladies and junior golfers if you have a problem with your golf at present.

Whether a big or small issue, they will solve it for you. Sometimes in short illustrated form (featured in the magazine) and sometimes it might need a more detailed plan which we’ll organise a video link that we will post on here and our YouTube page.

Ask the Pro will require you to make it a success!

Anders and Dan will pick out a ‘Question of the Month’  with the winner of the issue receiving a free hour long lesson which will be hosted by either Anders at his club; Cosby Golf Club in Leicester or Daniel at his club; Charnwood Golf Complex near Loughborough.

Its all about you now, a wonderful opportunity to improve your games, gain knowledge and have a whole lot of fun.




Ask the Pro Questions and Answers:


September 2016 – Question by Tom Stretton – Handicap = 8, plays at Kenilworth

I feel like I get into a decent position at the top, however as soon as I start my downswing I steepen the shaft, particularly with my Driver. How can I get shallower in transition?

Answered by Anders Mankert

Steepening of the downswing is probably the most common fault we as coaches see day in day out. It manifests itself as an out to in swing path and leads to weak slices or pulls. The divots will always point well left of the target. It is often caused by poor sequencing of the downswing and over use of the hands and arms.

A fantastic way to learn correct sequencing and shallowing of the downswing is to place half a tennis ball under the right heel and the toes of the left foot. In your backswing you should squash the right one down and in the initiation of the downswing you should squash the left one down. This will transfer the weight to the left side using the legs and allow the arms to drop a little behind the body, producing a shallower approach and will result in a shot which will draw from right to left with a straighter divot.

A great way to check this is to set up some balls or tee pegs, in a horizontal line (the way your standing) either side of the ball to see if you can swing through without hitting them. If you come “over the top” you will send them flying so be careful when you do this! They should be a grips length apart. Try this Tom and I’m sure you will see rapid results, I look forward to hearing your progress.


Question by Kevin Heggie – Handicap = 15, plays at Stoneleigh Deer Park Golf Club

Hoping you can help, I’m really struggling fighting a hook and I am getting to the point where its really impacting the enjoyment of my rounds. At times, I feel so uncomfortable with a club in my hand, that I can’t even swing it! Looking to get a ‘factory reset’ and re-establish some clear swing thoughts and feel hopeful to put me on the straight and narrow (pun intended!)

Answered by David Fulcher

Kevin, thank you for sending in your question. Sorry to hear its affecting your enjoyment, here are a couple of “factory reset” check points to ensure you don’t get that hook back again and you start to enjoy your golf more!

Areas to check: Grip, Top of the Backswing, Release of the Club

Check your grip is not too strong, this is where your hands are turned too far to the right. The strong grip may also cause your club face to point to the sky at the top of your backswing (a closed or hook position) and finally if you stop turning your body through, your strong grip can quickly mean your hands and arms are too active which then closes the club face and points the club left, causing the hook.

The Changes!

  1. Ensure your grip is neutral, this is where you should see approximetaly 2-2 and a half knuckles on your left hand and the right hand should fit snuggly against the left thumb.
  2. Keep Turning! On the downswing try the feeling of your chest and hips turning whilst your hands are left behind.

Both these changes should help with the hook Kevin, good luck and hope you start to enjoy your golf again!


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