Established in 1923, Beeston Fields Golf Club has become a landmark for golf enthusiasts in Nottinghamshire and beyond. With a rich history, the club have witnessed the talents of numerous golf legends taking on its challenging 6,400-yard course.

Amidst its centenary year, Beeston Fields celebrates with a series of events, embodying community spirit and dedication to the sport. The festivities honour the club’s past and its commitment to fostering a vibrant local golfing community.

The club owes its origin to Fred Mitchell, an entrepreneur, and former Lord Mayor of Nottingham. He saw potential in a beautiful country house and parkland, transforming it into a golf club. The house, dating back to 1837, was once home to Sir Harold Bowden, founder of the Raleigh Cycle Company.

In 1923, Beeston Fields Golf Club officially opened with a course designed by Tom Williamson, inaugurated by Open Champion Arthur Havers. Fred Mitchell passionately ran the club for almost 50 years until his death in 1970, leaving a lasting legacy. His nephew, John, continued the tradition, becoming a prominent figure in Nottinghamshire golf for over half a century until his passing in 2013.

John Mitchell played for the county in the 1950s and served as the president of the Notts Union of Golf Clubs in 1978/79. Under his stewardship, the club prospered, maintaining Williamson’s original parkland layout, attracting famous champions like Henry Cotton, Roberto de Vicenzo, Ted Ray and Arthur Havers.

In 2008, John Mitchell handed over the reins to his daughter, Philippa Marshall, one of the first female Managing Directors of a UK golf club. A skilled golfer herself, she aims for excellence while preserving a friendly atmosphere, blending tradition with modern values.

Beeston Fields Golf Club stands as a testament to enduring golf passion, providing a haven for players to indulge in their favourite sport and create lasting memories. Celebrating a century of success and camaraderie, the club eagerly looks to a future of greater achievements and unwavering dedication to the sport it holds dear.