Based at Midlands Golf & Stonebridge Golf Centre near Solihull, Ignite Golf Juniors is one of the leading junior golf programs in the UK!

Delivering to almost 200 children a week of which the majority participate in on course events, competitions and other club activities. Ranging from 5-18 years old, Ignite Golf Juniors offers appropriate golf experiences to children of all levels.

What’s special about Ignite Golf?

Our coaching is centered around creating as many junior golfers as possible, golfers who are passionate and regularly play on the course independently and in organised events. This is made possible by introducing children to the game on their level, with PLAY being integral to every session or event we deliver.

What does Ignite Golf offer?

Ignite Golf offers children weekly lessons, holiday camps, child friendly competitions and special events throughout the year. These factors combined help us to create enthusiastic junior golfers, our overall mission.

How does Ignite Golf Juniors make golf fun for children?

The team understands the importance of true engagement and play. Creating games, session plans and events where children are fully absorbed in what they’re doing! They’re totally focused on the task in hand. This helps children grow a passion for the game whilst massively improving their skill level too.

Who runs Ignite Golf Juniors?

Aaron Lansberry is the lead coach for the junior program whilst Kirsty Wise manages the coaching behind the scenes and runs all the events. We are also supported by Hannah Crump who delivers for Ignite Golf Juniors too.

What to expect next?

Each month in the magazine we’re going to be offering advice for parents and juniors on how to help create a passionate young golfer with exceptional skill. Helping parents understand how to get their child started in golf to how they can help develop a talented young golfer.

How do I find out more or get involved?

The easiest way to see more of what Ignite Golf Juniors do is follow us on social media (@IgniteGolfJuniors) or head online to