Our magazine reaches an incredible personal milestone with the release of issue number 100 of MG in late August this year.

For our small team who put together the magazine every other month, editor Phil, lady editor Mandy and ‘design god’ Chris Jones it’s a point we never really realistically considered that we would reach in this ever increasingly digitally dominated media world.

Magazines, especially regional ones have been largely beaten into submission over the years by the social media generation, how can print publications with ever increasing paper costs who rely on advertising income to survive, compete with something that’s completely free and incredibly easy to access?

It makes the achievement even prouder, we must have done something right all these years to remain as viable and attractive as we are – and issue 100 is going to be prove that when we release it, there are many, many clubs and businesses lining up to appear in it.

This page is here to preview what we’re doing in this special edition, below is how our local golf clubs can get involved alongside our golf societies too, the partnerships we’ve built up with both are the main reason we’re still around. The below picture is of the page we’ve run in the current magazine issue no 99.

Further down we’re going back in time to review our journey, how we got to this point in time and what were our highlights  and favourite times from issue 1 in 2012 to the current day. Our story will appear here in July.

Check out the photo galleries too – many happy memories surround these photos.