Since MG began in 2012 Operation 18 has been a popular part of the magazine. This is where we ask our readers and followers to take a trip down their own golfing memory lanes and recall their favourite and most memorable holes from their experiences of golfing in The Midlands.

Operation 18 isn’t necessarily all about your favourite holes, we like it to be a bit quirky too. When we say memorable – we mean for ALL kinds of different reasons, maybe a hole where you had your hole-in-one – one where you won your society knockout championship – one where you accidently ‘Barnes-Wallised’ a ball across a lake and ended up with a birdie putt!

Whether you’re a professional golfer or a 36 handicapper it doesn’t matter at all, if you’ve got a good memory and have  played lots of golf in our region we want to hear from you. We’ve listed three examples below of previous Operation 18s in the magazine  – you could be next.

Operation 18 – The criteria

1/ Your first hole must be someone’s 1st hole – and your 18th has to be someone’s 18th – in between it doesn’t matter. Holes do not need to be in hole order.

2/ A minimum of 16 of your 18 have to be from The Midlands – two can be from further afield if you have a great story to tell.

3/ Use this to relate some great golfing tales of your career so far – we like quirky ones!

The best ones we receive will go in the magazine – all will appear here on #MGSocial

Contact Phil – if you want to post your own Operation 18 – we’ll need around 1,000 words in total which includesa brief introduction about yourself – a little bio. And a mugshot too.