HIT Golf Academy & Marriott Forest of Arden teaching pro

Life in Lockdown has been a real mixture of emotions and mental challenges.

My personal lockdown started 10 days early due to my 3-year-old showing symptoms of the virus, as a parent this was horrible. We were 75% through a full 14 day self-isolation only then to go into a nationwide one. It was a massive relief when we could get out of the house just to go for a walk. Even though it was such a small thing.

In April my wife returned to work after our 14 day isolation leaving me to look after my 3 year old on my own 4 days a week. Hence the massive up and downs of having loads of time with my son who has moments of being amazing entertainment to being a terror. For me I am so used to adult interaction with my clients this is something I really missed. There was also the financial worry that most of us will have felt, but as a self employed person we were left in limbo at first. Worrying times.

How I Tried To Keep My Business Going

Once a week I used a net that student donated to me and I filmed my regular content for youtube and social media, this really helped me mentally to have an escape and to switch my brain on. Without this I would have really struggled.

I also worked on my swing something that needs work but again a process that I enjoyed as a release.  I think like all I needed a mental escape, things to do, so planning jobs around the house and filming really helped me personally.

I also did some online lessons at night, some were live on zoom, face time, some were voiced over and also a personal video sent. This helped to keep relationships with clients and also provide some income.

When I reflect on this time, its been a joy to spend some much time with my son that I never would have got normally. I missed work a lot, I always do when I am away from coaching, and can’t wait to get back to a full schedule from June 15th.

It’s going to be an adjustment coaching from two meters but we all have to and will have to adapt going forward.  Hopefully we will never have to go through this again.