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David Fulcher

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David is the Director of Golf and Head Professional at Edgbaston Golf Club and an Advanced PGA Professional.

David previously worked with the PGA as the Executive for Golf Coaching and has presented in Italy, China and throughout the UK on many golf coaching and sports related topics.

He is also the lead coach for the Warwickshire county academy programme which seeks to develop golfers from an early age to 18 years old.

David has coached on Ladies European Tour, worked with players on the mens challenge tour, but his real coaching passion is working with and improving club golfers scores and handicaps.

Set up for your Best Scores this Season – Hit the greens like the Pros…

Do you have a score in mind to achieve this season, break 100, 90, 80 or even 70? Whatever the target you need to decide how you are going to achieve that score.

We are going to focus on hitting more greens in regulation. This means if the hole is a Par 4, taking a regulation two shots to get onto the green. (A Key stat to be aware of!)


What greens should YOU hit in regulation?

We all have different handicaps and expectations, but you should be aware of which holes you can hit the green in regulation and which holes you can’t. If you cannot reach certain holes in regulatio due to the distance or other factors, then your strategy of how to play the hole needs to change.

If you can’t reach a Par 4 in 2 shots onto the green, play the hole as a Par 5. (3 shots to get onto the green and 2 putts)

Often we attempt to reach greens we cannot, which brings more trouble into play and we can quickly find ourselves having a higher score on particular holes than we expect to have.


What to do?

1. Choose the holes you can reach in regulation

Mark on your scorecard with a tick (Hit Green in Regulation) and a Cross (If missed).

2. The holes you cannot reach, rethink your strategy and how you play them


PLAY and SCORE better!

After a few rounds collecting how many greens you have hit or missed, will give you an idea of where you are in relation to your handicap:

0 Handicap – You should hit approx. 12-14 greens in regulation

9 Handicap – 8-10 greens in regulation

18 Handicap – 4-6 greens in regulation

If you are above your average for your handicap, this may suggest your short hame is letting you down. Or if you aren’t hitting enough greens, this may suggest your driving is not allowing you to hit the greens. The key is not guessing which part of your game needs attention, but having the facts.

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Create a Plan, Set your Targets and your game will improve in 2016!

Golfers that have lessons with our team at Edgbaston Golf Club undertook a programme last year and on average have reduced their handicaps this season by 1.2 shots and 9 out of the 10 most improved golfers in the club have also taken lessons and had a Winter Plan.

If you want help on your golf game, on course lessons or help on a particular type of shot, please contact David and the team at Edgbaston.


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