Written for MG by new young ambassadors Zara Wartnaby and Millie Greenhalgh

We are excited to introduce the 2024 Young Ambassador team, a partnership programme between England Golf and The Golf Foundation. During our first weekend together we came up with exciting new plans, goals and lots of new friendships made. Over the coming year we will work together to create a strong bond to allow us to make changes, improvements, and create new opportunities for lots of young eager golfers out there.

Our new team is a group of individuals of a variety of ages and from locations all around England, each with different experiences and achievements. We are all eager to learn from and support each other throughout the year.

INCLUSIVE – The more the merrier

INNOVATIVE – You will never know unless you try

INSPIRING – Believe, succeed, achieve

What you can expect from us in 2024

As many of you know we have our Young Ambassador projects such as the ‘Heroes Handshake’ programme, which celebrates successes in junior golf, no matter how big or small. This year’s awards will be themed with our core values; Inclusive, Innovative, and Inspiring.  Applications will close on the 3rd of April, so be sure to send in your golfing community’s achievements and successes before it’s too late!

This year we will be continuing our print media team, who will be commenting on the latest and most relevant topics within our sport, so make sure you are up to date with Midland Golfer in the magazine and online here too where we will be publishing our Young Ambassador articles.

Finally, our social media team will be keeping you informed of all our exciting plans and activities in the future.  We are all eager to share and explore this journey with you, so find us on our platforms: Instagram (@GolfAmbassadors) and Twitter (X) (@GolfAmbassadors)