Bad Weather Golf

Written by England Golf and Golf Foundation Young Ambassador James Beard

As we continue to endure short days and a biting chill in the air, many of us will glumly retire our clubs, intent on not touching them again until the spring rolls around.

However, contrary to the misconception that golf is a sport exclusively tailored to fair weather, playing in wintertime can actually serve to be a rewarding and fascinating experience for those who embrace the challenge, and giving it a go may just leave a permanent mark on your perception of the sport.

In this article, there will be a focus on the benefits of golf that are exclusive to the winter season, as well as how you can reap the rewards of these benefits and also encourage others around you to get involved and do the same

An unmissable opportunity for new golfers

As the winter slowly but surely secures its icy grip over the golf courses of England, you are more than likely to discover a sharp drop in the number of people prepared to go out and brave the conditions. Although a shame, this provides an unmissable opportunity to encourage new people into the game. The empty courses will allow newer players to enjoy the game without any time pressure, undoubtedly encouraging them to continue playing into the summer.

If you want to get into golf or know friends or family that have shown an interest in the sport, don’t hesitate to encourage them to go and play with you during the winter months! Additionally, starting off playing in the winter months with no one else around will allow you to teach new players correct golf etiquette and rules, meaning they will feel comfortable playing on the course even when it becomes busy again in the summer.

Improving and maintaining your skills in tough conditions:

While everyone undoubtedly finds winter conditions extremely tough to play golf in, many underestimate the value and level of improvement they can bring to your game. If you can hold your own playing a round of golf in the winter, the same course will seem a walk in the park in ideal summer conditions. The skills and heightened level of course management that you can develop by braving just a few rounds of golf in the winter will prove to be an extremely rewarding experience, as well and keeping your game sharp for when the multitude of available competitions roll around in the months following.

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