Are we really supporting the future of Golf?

Hi, I’m Taylor and I’m the oldest of 6 brothers. As a junior golfer, I often experienced the disappointment of being told I have to play in school trousers, or scrape around for that odd polo shirt that might a size big but “that’s all there is.” I started my journey in the golf industry as an assistant professional at Stamford Golf Club in Cheshire before doing a Golf Management Degree at the University of Central Lancashire. Whilst there, I learned about event management and business, also I was able to network in the industry whilst working on the European Tour at events such as BMW Championship at Wentworth and the Alfred Dunhill Links at St. Andrews.

Alongside studying, I worked in one of Europe’s largest golf retailers where I met Charlie. Charlie is retired from the Civil Service who got a job in a Golf Shop out of pure love for the game. He is also a Junior Organiser at his local Golf Club, where his son showed a talent for the game and the ability to play golf with his son is what fuels his drive for the game. One day his son asked, “Dad, why don’t we start our own golf company?” This is how the seed was planted for Charlie. When I met him I mentioned that my University course work involved the idea of developing golf clothing. From here it wasn’t a huge leap to decide that we could do something together.

Whilst working for that huge golf retailer we experienced lots and lots of unhappy customers questioning why it was so hard to get hold of any junior clothing let alone good quality stuff. They asked why these huge, multi-million-pound businesses didn’t cater to what is supposedly ‘The future of the game?’ As a big brother of a golfing family and a father of a young golfer, we decided to do something about it. This is where we decided to concentrate our business and the idea for ‘everyshotcounts’ was born.

We established very early on that we wanted to be a company that is solely a junior golf company. That is to say that we didn’t want to concentrate on the big expensive brands, with huge margins, for adults that may or may not have a small offering of junior polos in the odd size. No, there are plenty of those, we are for juniors ONLY!

Climbing a very steep learning curve, we decided that there wasn’t sufficient, good quality and fashionable clothing so we decided that it was time for a new brand. Focus groups were quizzed, designs were put together and the first collection was created. The compliments about the quality and vibrant but not garish colours came flooding in. Charlie insisted on having an equal offering for girls as there is for boys. We quickly added to the collection with unisex trousers and belts. Along with Skorts made at a respectable length and in a material that stays down during the shot. There is no stone left unturned.

The materials have been sourced to create a nice feel with low maintenance whilst at the same time are durable and long lasting. We appreciate that kids grow quickly and, as such, paying a fortune for something that they’ll have grown out of in a few months was something we are very conscious of. This is why despite the fantastic quality and design we keep the prices as low as we can. Also, we are proud to say that all of our profits are put back into new products so that we keep moving with the times. A great example of this is the latest addition to our catalogue, the ‘Lawson’ shorts. Made with the same eye for detail and designed to compliment the existing range. These have been added due to popular demand and they are already proving to be very popular.

The primary aim of our company is to try and grow the game for juniors. We want to give them their own identity, something that shows them that, ‘they don’t have to compromise on style just because they’re a kid.’ A brand that parents can put their trust into and know that we will be there for their kids every step of their golfing journey with the most modern and stylish clothing in the industry. Most importantly, we want to create a one-stop shop for junior golf. We want parents of kids between 7 and 14 years old that there will be somewhere they can go to find what they want and need without having to trawl the internet.