Gaudet Luce – June 2nd

Russell Adams spent the lockdown creating small trick shot challenges that our Juniors could do in their garden or at home to get them practicing the game and staying safe, some of the videos were incredible! You can find some of the videos on his facebook page here:

Additional to that, our Junior caption Mark Hewlett Jnr started a fundraiser for the Captain’s charity by posting trick shots online and encouraging people to try at home, video it and send it in to raise money for the charity. Here’s his YouTube channel:

“This year our Captains charity at my golf club (Gaudet Luce GC) is the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust. Unfortunately, we’re all unable to raise money for this worthwhile charity through golf competitions at the moment so I thought if I could get everyone to donate for each view of my trick shots (even if it’s just a pound) then we might be able to get a decent start before our comps start again”

Our Greenkeepers worked very hard to not fall behind on the Golf Course during the lockdown and they wrote up a brief summary of the work that was carried out here –

The first golfers on Wednesday morning arrived for their 6:30am tee time, eager to get started and it was great to see that skill was not lost during the lockdown – one even managed to hit a Birdie!