Leominster Golf Club are fighting back after a few years of lean times at this most attractive of spots set around the Herefordshire Marches. A change in officialdom, some welcome investment and a fresh attitude are all attributing to a promising upward path in progress, further boosted as many golf clubs have post lockdown with an encouraging increase in membership numbers for 2021.

We’re at the beginning of the new Leominster Golf Club, there’s a lot of work ahead of them in the coming months and years but there’s also some advantageous aspects about this golf club that gives them a firm base and optimism for a bright future. This summer, Leominster wants to welcome lots of visitors and society golfers to come over and discover their lovely charms.

The club is situated just outside the town on the Hereford side and easily reached via the main A49 road, to get to Worcester from here takes not much more than half an hour.

Although the history books show a Leominster GC in existence from way back in 1905, the club as we know it today was only truly revived and functioning from 1967 onwards. In the late 1980s more land was purchased and course architect Bob Sandow along with the club members and greenkeepers finally turned it into the 18 holes we play today.

MG Review – April 21st 2021 – Editor Phil, Lady Editor Mandy and husband Jean-Louis

The golf course is of fairly modest length on the card, but plays its yardage effortlessly and adds a little more too. That can be mainly attributed to the regular changes of elevation here as a few holes treat you to a little of an up and down dimension to them.

You climb early via the opening hole which has a quirky two-tiered green to welcome you in, and then a little more demand is made on the par four second. The view from the green there though is a reward worth the effort, absolutely stunning and probably your best spot for a photograph although there are plenty of other contenders.

This is a seriously picturesque place to be, miles and miles or surrounding countryside, farming land and hills can be viewed on a clear day, the mid Welsh mountains always visible in the far distance.

Leominster brings out the nature too, the highlight was spotting a young Muntjac deer sprinting across the fairways looking for a way back into the woodland. The elevated aspect makes it a good area for birds of prey too.

Scenic splendour is a absolute guarantee but you can also find that in a different and more serene sense when you walk back down  to the lower levels where the River Lugg adds a completely different set of charms (and posers too.)

MG PICK – 7th 321 yards Par 4 (Above image) – The narrowest fairway on the course greets you from the raised tee, this gentle dog leg also doesn’t afford you an early view of the green either. On the right hand side, fairly steep and tree clad banking exists, although there is the chance of a lucky bounce back (which I happily experienced!) To the left though is the gorgeous rushing river which flows all the way down this hole and is the more obvious thing to avoid. The smart play is an accurate hybrid or long iron, then you can open the green up a little for your approach, not the biggest of targets either. A course manager’s dream which is far from easy and can potentially yield any sort of score, yet it’s just a delight to play in any scenario.

The River Lugg also appears as little less threateningly alongside the long 10th as you head away back from the clubhouse again.

Other highlights include an interesting collection of short holes, the sixth steeply descends, leans from right to left and encourages almost a bump and run tee shot around the banking to find the green and avoid the trouble on the left too.

Three par threes on the back nine, the 11th is a severe challenge, up the bank and almost 200 yards away and naturally plays much longer. 14 is a little more like normal, then your penultimate hole is only slight in length but big on challenge, a very tight one with trees and foliage on the left but equal threat on the other side via the penal run off banking.

A gentle descend back to the clubhouse via a suitably attractive 18th completes the examination, look out for the water hazard fronting the green, one last and possibly crucial test of nerve required here, underneath the gaze of the balcony too.

19th Hole – Leominster’s clubhouse was re-constructed as a two floor building in 1999 and has ample space on the first floor to comfortably cater for over 200 guests for occasions of all types. The Fairway Restaurant looks after the members and visitors with a range of menu choices. The outdoor balcony area is large and such a picturesque spot to enjoy a drink and snack and watch some golfing too.

PRO SHOP/PRACTICE – SkyTrak launch monitor studio – outdoors are driving nets and a large putting green.

Latest news and summer offers to play here coming soon – for now visit leominstergolfclub.co.uk for further information