You all know my story to date having received my liver transplant in April 2023 and I thank you all for your messages and support.

Being a sporty kind of gal and whilst recuperating after being discharged from hospital, I went to watch the British Transplant Games last August with a keen interest in the golf. The event was held at The Warwickshire Golf Club, and I was amazed at the number of competitors, (in excess of 100.)

I was introduced to a bunch from the Midlands and thought of getting us all together for competitions and events. We set up a society and we are called The Mulligans. The name has caused quite a stir and our first get together was held at Nailcote Hall. Of the 15 of us so far, eight were able to come, and we put together our thoughts.

Who would be included? How often would we meet? What were our mutual interests in forming the group?

And here it is:

The Mulligans have received transplants, heart, liver, kidney, pancreas, stem cell, intestines and lungs or they’ve donated live organs, e.g. two of them have given kidneys to family members, they have also donated the organs of a family member who has died. (Very levelling and humbling to meet them.) We include junior golfers, as to date I know two who have received a transplant.

We will run bi-annual charity events and will support University of Birmingham charities and our own independent charities, e.g. Kidney Research, Action Pulmonary Fibrosis, African-Caribbean Leukaemia Trust to name a few.

Our inaugural event will be held at Great Barr GC on April 18th with the view to raising money for the University of Birmingham Hospital charity (transplant research) alongside the Organ donor family network

It is a shotgun start AM-AM costing £250 for a team of four, to include Bacon Baps and Tea/Coffee on arrival, 18 holes and a two-course meal. There will be a raffle table, prizes for beat the pro, nearest the pin, longest drive and nearest the pin in two plus some amazing auction prizes.

The Mulligans have already had coverage in the Sunday Sun, and we look to having quite a lot of PR on the day (Maybe a celeb or 2?)

We would welcome your support in putting in a team sponsorship too, contact me at for details.

The message we will be sharing is to do with organ donation. We know about it, we don’t necessarily want to talk about it but in letting your family know your wishes, and in the unlikely event that it happens, it makes their life a damn sight easier.  Ironically we are all donors (unless you opt out) but families can reverse the decision (40% of suitable donors are not used because of this.)

Written by Midlands Golfer lady editor and transplant recipient, Mandy Ambert.