Golfing lady numbers are down a little at Rose Hill GC, but that’s going to change in the right way, because enthusiasm and drive are at an all-time high.

I spoke to 2024 lady captain Tracy Large and fellow member (and enthusiast) Susan Moxon on their ambitions to bring the ladies in 2024.

Susan started her golf career with a few lessons and rounds at a smaller nine-hole course in Birmingham, once the bug took hold her ambitions rose.

One of the ladies there said, hey come to the Lickeys, it’s challenging, but it’s a great place to learn. On the back of her invitation and me knowing I was going to recognise someone here, which is so important – I came along. It’s such a stumbling block for newer ladies isn’t it? – am I going to be good enough? I won’t know anyone – will they all be better players than me?

I came over and yes, I was definitely the worst player! But it didn’t matter – everyone was very, very encouraging. That was eight years ago and now I’m still not a great player, I play off 36. We have a mixed handicap group here and we get along, get out there and enjoy, and put the world to rights, pure no pressure escapism in a really lovely place, as the photos show.”

That’s the message that the lady section at Rose Hill are conveying, supported by the club and the management of MyTime Active who give them reserved Saturday morning tee times around the men which is quite unusual, even in these more enlightened times.

They are a very happy bunch, they just hope to get a bit more company now. Tracy added her thoughts and how they are determined to grow numbers once again.

“We are a small friendly club, who encourage ladies of all abilities and ages to come along and give golf a try. We’re so fortunate to have one of the most picturesque golf courses in the West Midlands, situated on the dramatic slopes of the Lickey Hills Country Park.

We are planning to run FREE taster sessions for ladies with the club pro, Joanne Lees and we’ll be in attendance too to welcome them over. These sessions will be every Saturday afternoon (April – October). No equipment is required, an ideal opportunity to come along and give golf a try.”

Email – for details on the sessions, membership enquiries etc.