Written for MG by society Treasurer Bob Potter

We started in 1974 from the Steam Wagon pub in Shrewsbury as a small golf society, over the years moving to several pubs Six Bells, New Inn Hadnall, Compasses, The Oak Coton Hill, Telegraph and at present back at the Steam Wagon with 39 members this year.

We are looking forward to going to Portugal in Sept for our break away after our first successful trip abroad last year to La Cala Spain.

We play once a month from March – November on local courses within an approx range of 50 miles, with the 3/5-day breakaway once a year. Our signature trophy is for the player who comes last, called the Frog where the loser puts on a badge with funny quip. Please see the picture, unfortunately with me winning it at our last event at Cleobury Mortimer, being presented by this year’s Captain Delwyn Humphries.

We do have a very good website thesalopiangolfsociety.co.uk where you will find loads of information and pictures, members since 1974 of which I am the only remaining one who has been with the club for the 50 years. Captain, Secretary and at present Treasurer for 19 years to the present day and also Handicap Secretary for 6 years.

We are celebrating our 50th year with a Party on 22nd July at the Bagley Club, Coton Hill Shrewsbury with a live band. Pictures of that celebration and our summer golf days will be included in the Sept issue of MG.