Young Ambassador Kai Calls for Increased BAME Golf Participation

“I walk into a golf club and notice almost instantly that I am one of the very few BAME golfers playing”,

Said 14-year-old National Young Golf Ambassador Kai Williams. This is pretty disappointing when you consider that Tiger Woods, by far the most famous (and arguably the greatest) golfer of all time, comes from the BAME community and has transformed the game in so many other ways.

When presenting to The Golf Foundation Board, Kai insisted:

“The BAME community needs your help in making this sport accessible to them.”

Of course, the word ‘your’ refers to any individual capable of influencing golf participation but crucially points to clubs. So, what can your golf club do to attract more BAME players?

Kai Williams

Young Ambassador – Kai Williams

Kai admits there is no straightforward answer but believes communication is crucial.

“Ask the BAME community. Create a survey asking why they haven’t started playing golf or ask an existing BAME member how they got into the game,”

adds Kai.

England Golf has published guidance on the matter too. We have condensed this into three key points:

  • Language: Some Eastern European communities may have limited command of English, so it is important to keep language simple and easy to understand.
  • Visuals: Why not use photos of BAME beginners in your marketing strategies?
  • Marketing and Promotion: Have you considered using ethnic media or posters in faith centers to attract the attention of the BAME community?

Young Ambassadors

We are going to finish this article by updating you on the work of the Young Ambassadors. On 29th September, Emily Furniss, Ella Baker and Kai Williams presented to The Golf Foundation Board on topics such as the importance of communicating with young people and including them in decision-making.

Meanwhile, Sam Barker-Sabido has joined the National Youth Sport Forum as the representative for England Golf and The Golf Foundation. He works with representatives from other sports organisations, through the Youth Sport Trust and Sport and Recreation Alliance, to influence future direction and policy of school sport and physical activity on a national scale.

Is your club successful at engaging the BAME community?

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