Written by Henry Price & Ruby Fox

Welcome to the spring, ready for some golf fun and enjoyment where you can play in the nice sun or in the choppy rain with wind blowing everywhere on the golf course.

Equipment needed!

On the golf course there are going to be a couple of changes compared to the winter season, for example you won’t be needing to use those winter mats as much (unless the course is dripping wet), also you won’t be needing all those warm layers to put on. To help get started, here is a little guide of the essentials that you will need for your golfing fun this summer:

  • Tee pegs, pitch mark repairer, glove, ball marker, golf balls, clubs, snacks, and water as the musts
  • Either shorts or trousers depending on comfort or weather and a thin jumper, or thick one if it gets cold.
  • Finally, a hat if it gets sunny and sun cream with sunglasses if needed.

These will help you with your golfing needs for the new golfing season and will help you get on the course without the worry of the conditions.

Make your last big swing changes!

Winter is undoubtedly the best time to make all the big swing changes that you feel are going to be best to improve your golf moving into the oncoming season. One tip is, for making your last big changes now!

Of course, small tweaks and revisits will be required all throughout the season to keep you in top form, however making the last big changes now will allow you to have enough time to perfect them before getting 2024 started off with a bang!

Get out on the course!

This may seem obvious however it truly cannot be stressed enough. Out on the course, you will never play the same round twice, the abundance of experience you can get from going out and playing will be invaluable to your golf career. Even if the weather is not perfect sunshine, challenge yourself to get out on the course and tackle any conditions. It will help your golf game more than you can imagine. Drag your golfing buddies along, it does not have to be a competition, it is all about getting out there and giving it a go; have a laugh with your friends and just enjoying it!

Ultimately, everyone will prepare for their season in a different way, it is all about doing what is best for you and your golf game. No matter what you do, enjoy it even if you have a bad round or a bad session, getting out there in the summer will make all the work you have put into your game worth it!