Greg Rogula has just reached the milestone of 10 years as Head Professional at Leek Golf Club.

A local lad, Greg has known nothing else other than a golfing career in the Staffordshire Moorlands, beginning his career with 12 years at neighbouring Westwood Golf Club before he made the move across town.

Leek GC these days is in encouraging shape. It’s taken time to get there, the 2024 version is a little removed from what Greg found when he arrived. Yet he’s always found supportiveness from the club in everything he’s needed to do.

The Trackman studio has been a great addition, as soon as I moved in, within a year or two it was what do you want to help progress the club and they were straight in to help. They were so supportive during Covid as well, overall more or less anything I’ve asked for they’ve provided.”

During the early years Greg was quick to establish a successful junior academy, with many going on to begin golf careers leading them all towards the professional ranks. Covid came along to interrupt the progress, by the time it ended, Greg’s class of 2014-2020 had wandered away from the game or the older ones had grown up, time to start afresh.

Further success second time around with a completely new bunch of youngsters at the club has given Greg his crowning satisfaction at a job well done (twice.) His own son, Austin, born just as Greg took the Leek job is one of the leading lights.

“I love coaching, the men, the ladies, everything. Just being around the place, competition days, things like that, but the juniors mean everything. I see the grown-up ones going to America, starting careers in pro shops, competitively as well. They’re all moving on and doing great things, hopefully this new gang we have now can follow in their footsteps.”

Since lockdown ended, Leek have ramped up their game, fresh ideas from new leadership, and investment towards the course and its six-person greenkeeping team who have raised the golf course to a level it’s not been at for years. Greg’s witnessed it all.

“Such a difference looking at the course as it is right now, compared to a few years ago. It’s all down to Andy (course manager) and his team, it’s such a difficult profession to get an enthusiastic and settled team together, but we’ve managed it.”

The future looks bright, for 2024 Leek are focussing on ladies golf and growing that section, Greg very involved as ever, an article on that is in the new issue of Midlands Golfer, out now.