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Amy Boulden renews clothing deal with Galvin Green for 2021

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BIG MAX Reduces plastic waste with innovative golf bag packaging

BIG MAX introduces lightest ever push trolley

Galvin Green celebrates 30 years of Pioneer Golf Clothing

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BIG MAX introduced New stand bags for 2020

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BIG MAX celebrates 25th Anniversary

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SkyCaddie SX500 yardages match laser, says PGA winner

Duca Del Cosma unveilts its 1st spiked models

SkyCaddie SX500 – the ultimate GPS

SkyCaddie’s revolutionary new range-topping SX500 GPS handheld is the most powerful, most accurate, most features-packed and most visually stunning hand-held distance measuring device that golf has ever seen.

Rocketing into the UK with SkyCaddie PinPoint® technology to give accurate distances to today’s pin positions, Dynamic HoleVueTM which continuously re-orients the entire highly-detailed hole map from your exact position, and golf’s most brilliant display featuring a huge and pin-sharp 5” full HD touch screen, the SkyCaddie SX500 gives comprehensively the best view in golf.

Unmatched power is guaranteed with an ultra-fast multi-core processor which ensures instant hole data right when you need it, and there’s superb battery life from the hi-capacity rechargeable Li-Polymer battery, which gives over 36 holes use.

With a ruggedised, highly water-resistant design which makes SX500 extremely grippy even in the worst weather, nothing else comes close as you ‘cut the cord’ and use the SX500’s in-built Wi-Fi to download the latest exclusive SkyCaddie course updates on demand, without the need to connect to a computer.

Available in the UK from late August 2018 at RRP £379.95 including a year’s pre-paid Birdie membership covering over 99% of golf courses in Great Britain & Ireland, SX500 is pre-loaded with more than 35,000 ground-verified, error-corrected SkyCaddie golf course maps.

No other distance measuring device in golf gives you this much information, produced by SkyCaddie mappers creating and updating every course map on foot using professional surveying equipment.

Unequivocally-unmatched accuracy is guaranteed as only SkyCaddie maps golf courses in this way, and only SkyCaddie SX500 owners get to see the complete hole, in full detail, from their angle of attack on every shot.

Stand by to witness new behaviour patterns on the golf course when SX500’s SkyCaddie PinPoint® custom-pin settings are combined with IntelliGreen® Pro technology, giving distances to today’s pins and the ultimate green information.

Laser users will rely on friends with an SX500 to get instant distances to the pin from blind spots and from behind trees, to find out where bunkers are positioned around uphill greens, to get yardages to strategic lay-up points, and to assess the threat of hazards and fairway run-outs which are impossible to see with line-of-sight.

And powerful IntelliGreen® Pro technology gives SX500 users far more information about a distant green than laser users can ever discover. With IntelliGreen® Pro, distances to major tiers and contours on the green, false fronts and greenside mounds are all instantly visible to SX500 owners planning their approach shot, back down the fairway.

SX500 users always know exactly what’s ahead, even when they have no view of the fairway or green themselves, as the device’s display dynamically rotates to show full IntelliGreen® Pro information from their own angle of attack, and its multiple Dynamic RangeVue® yardage arcs overlay fairway landing areas and greens to show at-a-glance yardages across the full width of the hole.

Another new SX500 feature, Dynamic HoleVueTM with Integrated Targets, boosts the device’s in-play usability still further. As up to 40 geo-referenced targets per hole have been pre-created by experienced SkyCaddie course mappers, SX500 owners can see an overview of the entire hole or they can double-tap or pinch to zoom in for a closer view of every bunker, every water hazard, every carry and layup point – with accurate distances to each, according to where they are standing.

So in the time that it takes a laser user to discover a single yardage, SkyCaddie SX500 users will know the distance to every single major hole feature between themselves and the flag, and can hit their approach shot with complete confidence in their ground-mapped SkyCaddie data.

Even more help, and even more personalised information, comes in the form of the SkyCaddie SX500’s unique Dynamic RangeVue® with Club Ranges feature, which is so powerful that it is restricted to use only in practice rounds and casual golf.

This feature makes strategic play easier than ever. Simply enter your personal club-by-club hitting distances into your SkyGolf 360TM account in the cloud, then synchronise your device. Your SX500 will then show in-play club selection suggestions tailored to your game, the next time you are on the golf course.

Other SX500 features simply improve the user experience still further.

There’s a Super Large Number Mode if your eyesight is poor, or if you simply want the fastest-possible distances to the front, middle and back of the green.

And Intelligent Automation provides an almost touchless experience from the car park to the 19th hole, with Auto-Course, Auto-Hole Advance, Auto-Zoom, Auto-Distance, Auto Green Depth and Rotating Auto-View to display your scorecard in landscape view.

Sadly, SkyCaddie SX500 cannot yet offer Auto-Shot; you still have to hit the ball yourself.

SX500 also has a Digital Scorecard feature, which provides scoring options for Stroke and Stableford with handicapping and tracks total putts and fairways hit.

And the SX500 features keep coming. Shot Distance Measurement helps you track how far you have just hit the ball, and helps you to learn your club distances; Target List View gives you a quick list of all the targets ahead of you on the hole; and Tee Box Selection, Gender Selection, Dual Green Support, Yards or Metres option, Stat Tracking and a North Indicator are also available.

The SkyCaddie SX500 even has a 13-megapixel camera, enabling you to take photos during your round of golf which are then uploaded to your SkyGolf 360TM online user account.

Since 1998, SkyCaddie has been dedicated to helping golfers to improve their game, to enjoy golf more and to play faster by offering them the sport’s most reliable, most accurate, most comprehensive and most easily-accessible distance information.

Launched in the company’s 20th Anniversary year, the SX500 will deliver inspiration and enjoyment to all golfers who use its vivid, powerful and accurate technology: it is the culmination of everything which SkyCaddie represents to golfers, and to this greatest of all sports.

See for all information.




Be on course with the WTX+


GolfBuddy, the world-leading developer of distance measuring devices made exclusively for golfers, is upgrading its most advanced GPS watch with the introduction of the WTX+.

The WTX+ takes the market leading functionality of the WTX and adds in technical and aesthetic features that elevate it further. The primary technical development for the WTX+ is the improved antenna strength which speeds up the time for it to find a course or, heaven forbid you stray off your own fairway, the time to work out distances to the hole from your angle of attack. This improved functionality builds on market leading features such as touchscreen, full hole view with golfer’s position, distances to front, centre, back and hazards, shot distance measurement and pin position selection. WTX+ also offers smart phone compatibility with on course updates available for download automatically via Bluetooth and fitness watch features such as odometer and GPS tracking.

Golfbuddy wtx+

The second area for upgrade is the new look of the WTX+. The watch has a stylish new strap and a new metallic finish for the bezel which improves the aesthetic and makes it a very wearable everyday watch when not in golf mode. The new look combines superbly with the extra skins that can be selected for the watch face and with an extended battery life, the WTX+ is perfect for everyday use.

Golfbuddy wtx+

With GolfBuddy’s renowned accuracy, some of the most advanced features on the market, great pricing and U.K. dedicated customer support WTX+ is set to build on the success of the WTX and give GolfBuddy a great finish to the season

SRP: £219.99





Golfbuddy wtx+ logo


Motocaddys trolley trade-in


-Golfers get £50 towards new model and old trolley recycled for free-

Motocaddy, the world’s leading trolley company, is giving golfers the chance to upgrade their old electric trolley for a brand new one over the next few months and get a £50 cashback bonus – plus have their old trolley recycled for free.

For the first time ever, golfers who buy a Motocaddy powered trolley with a Lithium battery between now and the end of June, can claim a £50 cashback when they trade in their old electric trolley – irrespective of brand, model, age or condition (working or not).

As part of the brand’s biggest ever promotion, Motocaddy has partnered with package delivery giant UPS and a specialist recycling company, to ensure that the old trolleys are responsibly recycled, rather than damage the environment by going to landfill or find its way back into the market as a refurbished trolley.

“More than 70% of UK golfers already use an electric trolley and this promotion provides them with a great opportunity to upgrade,” said Motocaddy Sales Director, Neil Parker. “Not only will they save £50, but they can also relax in the knowledge that their old trolley will be recycled in an environmentally friendly way.”

Following the purchase of a new Motocaddy Lithium trolley, golfers simply register the warranty on the brand’s website and submit their trade-in claim. Once the claim has been verified, a free shipping label is emailed to them, so the old trolley can be dropped off at one of more than 3,000 UPS Access Points across mainland Britain.

When the old trolley has been received, Motocaddy will then transfer the £50 cashback directly into the golfer’s bank account.

Motocaddy trade in


”This is the first time  we’ve run a trolley trade-in promotion and we’re sure this offer will tempt many golfers,” said Sales Director Neil Parker. “There has never been a better choice of powered trolleys within our range including GPS, Compact, Remote and Downhill Control – there really is a trolley for every golfer,” he added.

The 10-week promotion is available to golfers living on mainland Britain and excludes Northern Ireland, the Scottish Isles, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. The promotion runs until Saturday 30th June 2018.

For more information on the Motocaddy Trolley Trade-in promotion and to view the full terms and conditions, please visit




2018 BIG MAX bag line up complete

Hot on the heels of being named as #1 bag brand in Germany by Golf Datatech, BIG MAX has finalised its line of award winning AQUA and DRI LITE golf bags for 2018. With three new additions to the new year offer, BIG MAX now has innovative and stylish bags across various technologies, categories and styles.

The three latest additions complete the AQUA and DRI LITE ranges.  The BIG MAX AQUA range incorporates the new DROP STOP system, guaranteeing the bags are 100% waterproof. Using waterproof fabric with unprecedented waterproof rating of over 10.000mm*, sealed seams and specially designed Japanese waterproof zips, the AQUA range delivers an unrivalled level of protection from the elements.

DRI LITE technology delivers a water resistant golf bag that is the equal of what most brands in the market call ‘Waterproof’. With a 2.000mm* waterproof rating and waterproof zips most other brands would call DRI LITE waterproof, but with the time and expertise taken to ensure the AQUA range is 100% waterproof, BIG MAX are happy to call DRI LITE water resistant, knowing it will keep all but the wettest, winter days at bay.

The AQUA Wave is a stylish, compact and 100% waterproof stand bag that gives a little more room than a standard winter bag for golfers who want to carry a few more clubs on a winter round. The Wave’s 8 ½” top extends into 4 full length dividers, while its 6 waterproof pockets, air channel straps and ultra-light weight of just over 1.9kg make the bag a hugely practical and colourful addition to any golfer’s gear.

The new AQUA Ocean is a 100% waterproof Sunday stand bag that has space to spare and weighs just 1.7kg. With an oversize top the Ocean holds 4 clubs more than traditional Sunday bag, and has plenty of storage options with 5 waterproof pockets. Practical features such as glove, towel and umbrella holder, combined with space for a full set of clubs if required, mean this stylish bag allows golfers to travel and play without compromise.

DRI LITE Active offers practical solutions to all a golfers storage needs in a stylish, water resistant package. A  9 ½“, 14 way top and an oversize putter well to fit the largest grips will keep all a golfers clubs in order, while 9 pockets, including fully waterproof valuables pocket, glove, dual umbrella positions and towel holder will pack away even the most well equipped golfers’ gear with ease. Ultra-lightweight at just 2.2 kg and available in a range of stylish colour combinations, the DRI LITE Active looks great and delivers on the course.

*Hydrostatic testing of waterproof fabric gives a mm per 24 hours rating. This refers to the amount of rainfall a fabric can withstand in a single day. Thus, a 10,000mm waterproof rating means the garment can withstand 10,000mm of rainfall in a single day without letting moisture in.

AQUA Wave – £189.99 available in Black, Yellow/Black/Silver, Red/Black/Silver, White/Black/Orange, Petrol/Black/Orange,

AQUA Ocean – £129.99, available in Black/Red, Black/Lime, Red/Silver, Petrol/Black/Orange, Charcoal/Silver/Fuchsia, White/Orange

DRI LITE Active – £159.99, available in White/Red, Charcoal/Fuchsia, Navy/Black/Silver, Black/Red

For more information on the BIG MAX Aqua range visit or follow socially:






zoom aqua control gloves

Zoom Aqua: Perfect fit in all weathers



With unique ‘One Size Fits All’ technology, enhanced durability and all weather performance the ZOOM Aqua Control is the glove that fits perfectly

Innovative golf glove brand ZOOM is bringing its latest development to the market this spring – ZOOM Aqua Control. Built on the brand’s unique FLEXX-FIT technology, the Aqua Control utilises an ingenious mix of flex zones to fit the contours of a golfer’s hand, feeling like a second skin whatever the player’s usual size.

Zoom Aqua Controll black charcoal red_preview

Zoom Aqua Controll black charcoal red_preview

Developed with Austrian Tour player Marcus Brier, ZOOM technology gives fantastic shot feedback due to its ‘second skin’ characteristics. Now for 2018, with the introduction of the AQUA Control, ZOOM has a glove that fits every golfer and every golfing occasion.

Zoom Aqua Controll black charcoal lime_preview

Zoom Aqua Controll black charcoal lime_preview

The Aqua Control combines breathable Lycra material with premium kangaroo leather to provide a glove that is twice as durable, fits all sizes, and delivers incredible grip in dry conditions that is matched by its performance in the wet. This innovative blend of technology also benefits from ZOOM Shape-Fit which maintains the perfect shape of the glove, staying wrinkle free round after round and providing a perfectly secure connection to the club.

Zoom Aqua Controll black charcoal fuchsia_preview

In addition to the most modern technology, ZOOM gloves feature several colour combinations that make them stand out from the crowd. With all weather performance, lasting durability, multiple colour combinations and one size that fits all, ZOOM AQUA Control really is the best fit for every golfer.


aqua white black

Zoom Aqua Controll black white red preview


RRP’s: AQUA Control – £19.99, GRIP – £14.99, WEATHER – £11.99, TOUR (Cabretta) – £19.99

Colours: White-black-red, Charcoal-fuchsia, Black-charcoal-lime, Black-red

Media Enquiries: David Wheatley, Medi8

E:  M: +44 (0) 7740 684568



Motocaddy cube connect

The CUBE is the 1st ‘Smart’ trolley

Motocaddy Puts GPS into New push trolley

CUBE CONNECT is the first ‘Smart’ push model in the world –


Motocaddy, the world’s top-selling golf trolley brand, is introducing its proven CONNECT GPS technology into its latest manual model to create the ultimate feature-packed push trolley.

Based on the popular CUBE model launched in summer 2017, the new CUBE CONNECT push trolley is the first of its kind in the world and follows the successful launch last year of Motocaddy’s S5 CONNECT Smart Cart electric trolley and free GPS partner app, which has been downloaded by more than 45,000 golfers.


Through a Smart Display screen positioned conveniently above its soft-touch handle, the CUBE CONNECT provides the same distance data and optional smartphone alerts as the powered trolley version on the S5 CONNECT and S5 CONNECT DHC models.

When synced to the Motocaddy GPS app via a Bluetooth connection on any compatible smartphone, it can be pre-set to receive notifications alerting golfers to a missed call, text, email or range of app alerts, including WhatsApp and Facebook. The smartphone can remain connected, even when securely placed in a golf bag.

iPhone 7 - Power Save - Approach 157 with WiFi

In another ground-breaking move in the push trolley sector, the digital display also acts as a conventional GPS device – providing front, middle and back distances to the green (in yards or metres) for more than 40,000 courses worldwide, plus shot measurements, clock and round timer – all of which can be controlled directly from the trolley handle.

Powered by a Motocaddy long-life battery, the high-tech CONNECT Smart Display screen can be tilted up and down for multi-angle visibility in any light on the easy-push, height adjustable ergonomic handle.


“Since its launch last year, the CUBE has been our top-selling push trolley, so to combine it with our proven CONNECT technology and expand our GPS range is something we think golfers will be really excited about,” said Managing Director, Tony Webb.

“We pride ourselves on producing innovative products for golfers worldwide. The CUBE CONNECT is another revolutionary model featuring ‘Smart’ technology, that we’re confident will be a huge hit with golfers looking for an ultra-modern, gadget-packed push trolley,” he added.

Along with its innovative ‘Smart’ technology, the compact-folding CUBE CONNECT boasts a number of performance-enhancing features, including the incredibly simple two-step assembly system that allows it to quickly fold over 45% smaller than traditional push trolleys to fit into the smallest of car boots.

CUBE CONNECT Folded Upright

It also incorporates a foot-operated parking brake; quick-release friction free oversized wheels; a folding lock; adjustable bag supports and the brand’s innovative EASILOCK™ bag-to-trolley connection system found on all Motocaddy trolleys, removing the need for a lower bag strap.

In addition, the CUBE CONNECT features a number of handy storage options, including an under-handle net; integrated accessory compartment; and holes for carrying tees and balls.

Motocaddy now has its biggest-ever push trolley range, that also includes the easy to manoeuvre P360 featuring a 360° rotating front wheel allowing the trolley to access even the tightest of spaces; the top-selling compact-folding CUBE; the fast-folding and lightweight P1, that can be folded up or down in one simple step; and the ever-popular S1 Lite incorporating the exclusive QUIKFOLD mechanism.

The CUBE CONNECT will be available in a Graphite frame with Blue trim from March at a Recommended Retail Price of £219.99.

For more information on all Motocaddy trolleys, bags, batteries and accessories, please visit




BM Blade IP white open and folded




With its fourth generation of Fold Flat technology, BIG MAX stays ahead of the imitators with the remarkable BLADE IP

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, so innovators like BIG MAX have to keep moving to stay ahead of the game. With its 4th generation of Fold Flat technology, BIG MAX has done just that, literally flattening the competition with the new BLADE IP.


The IP, stands for Intellectual Property, a cheeky reminder for the chasing pack, but the BLADE IP is such a stand out product that it will be a hard act to follow. At a folded size of 88 x 62 cm and an incredible depth of just 12.5 cm the BLADE IP is hands down, the most easily stored and transported push cart on the market.  In its folded state it fits in virtually any car boot with a full golf bag placed on top. If space is truly an issue then the IP will slide neatly on a parcel shelf or behind the front seats with its carry case (sold separately) keeping everything clean.


While the BLADE IP matches the flattest of BIG MAX’s carts, the real step forward for the IP is the folding mechanism. Once the height adjustable handle is folded down, simply fold the frame flat and lift the BLADE IP to see the back wheels automatically flip under the body. With a push of the front wheel the whole cart folds to just 12.5 cm deep and is ready to be packed away.


Aside from its unique folding and storage qualities, the BLADE IP stands out for its robust, stable construction and ease of use on the fairways. Adjustable bag brackets accommodate even the largest Tour bag and the double foot brake keeps the BLADE IP in place even on the hilliest courses. Integrated drink holder, storage compartment in the handle, ball, tee and double scorecard holder keep all your necessities close to hand and multiple Quick Lok and Quick Fix bases are ready to take any BIG MAX accessory such as umbrella holder, GPS holder, or sand bottle holder.

BIG MAX is so confident of the quality of the BLADE IP that it comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. So while this is a premium push cart, 5 years of guaranteed, high quality, convenient usage make it a great value buy.


Simple to use, impressive to see and giving unprecedented ease of storage, the BLADE IP really stands out from the crowd. If you’re considering a premium push cart then don’t even give the imitators a second glance. The BLADE IP is the only show in town, keeping ahead of the game and flattening anything else on the market.


Available in Black, Black/Lime, White, White/Lime, Phantom/Red in stores from March 2018

RRP: £299.99




Media Enquiries: +44 (0)7740 684568



BIG MAX has been Europe’s #1 push cart brand for over 15 years following the unprecedented success of the world’s first 3 wheel push cart the Ti1000. Available in virtually every country that plays golf, BIG MAX is a name that has become associated with quality and innovation. It’s most recent advancement, Fold Flat technology, has seen BIG MAX pioneer push carts that fold down completely flat, in some cases to less than 5” deep. BIG MAX has furthered its reputation for innovation with its AQUA and DRI LITE technology that in the last quarter of 2017 matched BIG MAX push carts by becoming #1 golf bag and travel cover brand in Germany, a traditional marker for # 1 in continental Europe.





BIG Max Logo


Duca Del

Duca Del Cosma NEW shoe range




-Premium Italian brand offers lifestyle designs for on & off course wear-


The Italian fashion brand Duca del Cosma that pioneered ultra-lightweight spikeless golf shoes more than a decade ago, is releasing an eye-catching new range of premium golf shoes for Spring 2018 that can be worn both on and off the course.

Bold, classy, elegant and sporty – the brand philosophy is represented in a distinctive collection for men and women that takes its inspiration from award-winning Italian design combined with amazing attention to detail.

The latest range features stylish options incorporating new designs and colourways, plus state-of-the-art shoe technology.

Leading styles for men include the Camelot (White/Lemon), Kuba (White/Red/Green) and the La Spezia (White/Orange); while the women’s collection also boasts top-of-the-line shoes, including the Palm Springs (White/Taupe), Porto Ercole (White/Sand) as well as the Olbia (Gold).

Duca del cosmo range

The high class build quality is matched with advanced technology that includes a waterproof microfibre system acting like a breathable protective ‘sock’ within the shoe. The waterproof membrane keeps the foot dry during play and is supported by a soft PU insert sole to provide extra comfort for the duration of the round.

 The brand’s innovative SKYFLEX technology outsole is built around an ergonomic design that provides grip during the downswing for a stable strike, while special channels allow the shoe to bend and flex perfectly to the natural roll-off motion of the foot.

“Golfers who try them comment that our shoes are extremely comfortable from the very first time they wear them,” said Tony Eccleston, General Manager for Duca del Cosma in the UK & Ireland. “We pride ourselves on being the brand that pioneered the spikeless golf shoe and we continue to move forward with new shoe technologies, as well as an exceptional range of colours and design styles,” he added.

Duca del cosmo range

The lightweight shoes are available in a variety of fashionable colour combinations and to see the full range visit the website:




New 2018 Aqua Bags

BIG MAX Launch Next Generation



Ultra-Lightweight, spacious and even with a unique new category, BIG MAX 2018 waterproof golf bags make life on the fairways just that little bit better.

The award-winning Golf bag range from BIG MAX is expanding for 2018 with new additions that build on the success of the company’s AQUA technology as well as a unique innovation that creates a new category of golf bag.

The technology underpinning the AQUA range is the brand’s new Drop-Stop system that guarantees the bags are 100% waterproof. Using waterproof fabric with an unprecedented waterproof rating of over 10.000mm*, along with sealed seams and specially designed Japanese waterproof zips, the AQUA range delivers an unrivalled level of protection from the elements.  Add in the removable see-through hood with zipper access from either side and the new AQUA bags take water protection to complete new levels.

aqua hybrid silver black red

The AQUA Hybrid is a category-defining golf bag that delivers the best of both Cart and Stand bag technology. While most stand bags adequately sit on a trolley, they are prone to twisting and shifting as the base mechanism isn’t designed to sit flat. Cart bags fare even worse out of their comfort zone making for a clumsy and cumbersome carry. The Hybrid gives the best of both worlds.

The unique flat base and leg lock system are perfect for securing to a trolley or buggy, sitting as perfectly square as the most robust cart bag. With 7 spacious waterproof pockets, 14-way divider and a host of neat features, the Hybrid has all the function of the best cart bags. But take the hybrid out on its own and it transforms to a stylish lightweight stand bag. The footless stand mechanism works exactly like any other stand bag while the air channel straps allow for breathability and comfort. At just 2.3kg the Hybrid is a breeze to carry, delivering the best of both worlds, however you choose to get it round the course.

The AQUA Sport 2 is the second generation of the brand’s most successful cart bag. With a 14 way, 9.5-inch organiser top and full-length dividers, the Sport 2 will accommodate and organise a full set with ease. 7 spacious pockets, oversize putter well for large putter grips and an unloaded weight of just 2.4 kg cement the Sport 2’s credentials as a leader in the field of practicality. As with the hybrid, the Sport 2 has a clear rain hood with dual zips for easy access from either side that complete the waterproofing of the bag. A host of neat features such as oversize cooler pocket and easy carry handles combine with neat accessory storage options finish off the practical features on this stylish new addition to the BIG MAX AQUA line.

aqua tour 2 red

The AQUA Tour 2 is the ultimate bag for the golfer that has all the gear and wants to keep it 100% dry. The Tour 2 has an enormous capacity for storage combined with a quite unbelievable weight of just 2.7kg. 9 spacious pockets, glove and towel holder, umbrella holder and oversize putter well for large putter grips provide ample storage options. For ease of club movement, the Tour 2 has a 10 inch, 14 way top leading down to individual dividers. If you’re looking for a lightweight option to carry all the gear you could ever need on the course, the Tour 2 delivers on every level and keeps everything dry while it does!

With more designs to come later in the season BIG MAX is set to have the most complete range of golf bags on the market. Recently established as the #1 waterproof golf bag brand in Europe and #1 for any type of golf bag in Germany, the latest combinations of style, substance and practicality from BIG MAX are set to cement the brand’s position at the top of the tree.

*Hydrostatic testing of waterproof fabric gives a mm per 24 hours rating. This refers to the amount of rainfall a fabric can withstand in a single day. Thus, a 10,000mm waterproof rating means the garment can withstand 10,000mm of rainfall in a single day without letting moisture in.

Aqua Hybrid – £229.99 available in Black/Red, Silver/Black/Red, Lime/Black/Silver, Red/Black/Silver, Petrol/Black/Orange, White/Black/Orange

Aqua Sport 2 – £239.99 available in Black/Silver, Charcoal/Black/Red, Silver/Black/Cobalt, Yellow/Black/Silver, Red/Black/Silver, Navy/Black/Silver, Petrol/Orange/Black, White/Black/Orange, Charcoal/Fuchsia

Aqua Tour 2 – £269.99 available in Black/Silver, Charcoal/Orange/Black, Red/Silver/Black, Petrol/Orange/Black, Lime/Silver/Black, Silver/Lime/Black


For more information on the BIG MAX Aqua range visit or follow socially:



Media Enquiries: +44 (0)7740 684568



BIG MAX has been Europe’s #1 push cart brand for over 15 years following the unprecedented success of the world’s first 3 wheel push cart the Ti1000. Available in virtually every country that plays golf, BIG MAX is a name that has become associated with quality and innovation. It’s most recent advancement, Fold Flat technology, has seen BIG MAX pioneer push carts that fold down completely flat, in some cases to less than 5” deep. BIG MAX has furthered its reputation for innovation with its AQUA and DRI LITE technology that in the last quarter of 2017 matched BIG MAX push carts by becoming #1 golf bag and travel cover brand in Germany, a traditional marker for # 1 in continental Europe. 




Stewart golf new bag collection

Stewart’s New Cart Bag Collection


British trolley manufacturer Stewart Golf has released a brand new collection of cart bags consisting of three models: SuperLight; SportDrive; and StaffPro.

As the name suggests, the entry-level SuperLight is designed for minimum weight whilst still retaining many features of a “big bag” such as 14-way full-length dividers. At just 2.7kgs this bag is perfect for use on a manual trolley such as Stewart Golf’s own R1-S Push. It is presented in a neutral colour combination of black/grey and is priced at £129.

Stewart golf new bag collection

The SportDrive has a number of added design cues and more premium features including a lined pocket for wet gear. Available in black with a choice of red, blue or green accents colour-coded to specifically match the wheel colour options on the R1-S Push, the SportDrive retails at £159.

Stewart golf new bag collection

Managing Director David Funnell said: “We expect the SportDrive to be a popular choice among users of both powered and push trolleys thanks to its lightweight construction, striking design and useful features.”

Stewart golf new bag collection
The superior bag in the new collection is the StaffPro, which is available in white with red, blue or green accents and retails at £199. Featuring premium materials and high-quality embroidery, this high-end cart bag offers an extensive features list including 14-way dividers, a dedicated putter well and nine forward-facing pockets including ones that are insulated, waterproofed, and soft-lined for valuables.

Stewart golf new bag collection
Stewart Golf is already well known around the world for its innovative, British-made X9 Follow/Remote and R1-S Push trolleys which set the highest of standards for both build quality and technical design. The new cart bag collection continues this ethos and offers a bag option for every golfer.

Stewart golf new bag collection






Smart Cobra clubs track your game


Cobra Golf and ARCCOS partner to introduce the first smart set of clubs that automatically tracks and analyses your game like never before


Every KING F8 and F8+ Club Comes Standard with COBRA CONNECT, Utilising an Arccos 360 Sensor Embedded in the Grip, For Access to Golf’s #1 Performance Tracking and GPS System


London, UK. (Nov. 15, 2017) Cobra Golf, a leader in golf club innovation and technology, today introduced the first ’smart’ set of clubs – the KING F8 AND F8+ line up featuring COBRA CONNECT Powered by Arccos.

Combining state-of-the-art golf club engineering with next-level performance tracking, each COBRA CONNECT club comes standard with an Arccos sensor embedded in the grip end. This allows users to automatically track and analyse their performance with each club and across all game aspects. System features include:



  • AUTOMATIC SHOT TRACKING – No tagging, tapping or other disruptions
  • RANGEFINDER GPS – Exact distances to any point on 40,000+ courses
  • SMART DISTANCE – True distances for every club in your bag
  • TOUR ANALYTICS – Strokes gained, handicap breakdowns for driving, approach, chipping, sand & putting


“At COBRA Golf, we believe that using advanced analytics to make smarter, data-driven decisions on the course can dramatically improve the performance of any player. That’s clearly supported by Arccos 360 users improving by up to five strokes after using the Arccos system for one year,” said Mike Yagley, Senior Director of Innovation/AI for COBRA Golf. “By delivering the first-ever fully connected set, we’re helping more players make better-informed decisions about their practice time and on-course club selections, so they can stand over each shot with more confidence, play better golf and shoot lower scores.”


First introduced in COBRA KING F7 and F7+ drivers, the COBRA CONNECT Powered by Arccos system will now be extended throughout the entire F8 family, including Variable and ONE Length F8 Irons, Fairways, Hybrids and Drivers. Consumers who purchase a standard 7-piece set of F8 irons in any configuration (iron or combo sets) will also receive additional Arccos 360 screw-in sensors to round out their 14-club set, ensuring that consumers have a fully connected experience.


“Golfers of all ages and abilities would love to improve their games, and the F8 family with COBRA CONNECT gives them an easy way to do just that. Through detailed analytics, golfers will better understand which aspect of their game will benefit from additional practice, and they can take that information and use it to improve,” added Yagley. “Even better, opportunities to share those improvements, memorable rounds and key shots with friends or other COBRA CONNECT users, adds another layer to their game enjoyment, which is the ultimate goal for us at COBRA Golf – to help golfers play better golf and have more fun while doing it.”


COBRA CONNECT players using the Arccos 360 app will also benefit from a five-round preview of golf’s first artificial intelligence platform – Arccos Caddie. Developed in partnership with Microsoft, Arccos Caddie shows a player their optimal strategy on any hole by analysing every shot you’ve taken with Arccos, as well as 120 million+ shots hit by the Arccos community and 368 million geotagged data points on more than 40,000 courses. Powered by the Microsoft Azure cloud, Arccos Caddie accounts for precise elevation data and weather conditions, including forecasted wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, temperature and more.


“This is a seminal moment in golf. For 500 years, the golf club has been comprised of three elements: the head, the shaft and the grip. Our work with Cobra is changing that forever,” said Sal Syed, CEO and Co-Founder of Arccos. “This is the first time that a fourth component – an Arccos sensor – is coming standard with the club. We believe that through our groundbreaking partnerships with Cobra and Microsoft, golf is now formally entering the data age.”


For more information on the entire KING family of products, visit Join the conversation using #CobraCONNECT or #KINGF8.

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Golf Buddy Voice x

Golf buddy has the x-factor

With its latest GPS unit Voice X, GolfBuddy, the world-leading developer of distance measuring devices made exclusively for golfers, really has found the X-factor. Combining simplicity and function, the Voice X delivers that little bit Xtra in a way that every golfer wants.


Take your first steps with this high-tech product. Simply charge it up, turn it on, let it pick up your location from over 40,000 courses worldwide and you’re ready to go. If by a slim chance you’re playing a course that needs an update, the Automatic Course Update (ACU) function kicks in via an app on your smart phone and the latest data for the most accurate distances is uploaded straight to your device.

Golf Buddy Voice x

Once you set off on your round the options for the Voice X give golfers the chance to customise their experience but with one eye firmly on making those choices accessible to all. As the name suggests, audio is a key option of the Voice X as it will speak your distances. However, if you wish, at the touch of a button, the voice function turns off leaving you with large figures for front, centre, back and hazards.

Distances are delivered using GolfBuddy’s renowned Dynamic Green View technology that gives yardages from angle of attack, be that straight down the middle or from the next fairway across. And shot measurement allows you to accurately gauge distance with every club helping to better understand shot selection.  Step counting, watch function and 10hr battery life in GPS mode make the Voice X perfect for use on and off the course and the sleek design means it’s not out of place clipped to a belt, hat or pocket.

Golf Buddy Voice x

With GolfBuddy accuracy, unbeatable simplicity, advanced features and a fantastic price point and dedicated U.K. based customer support, the Voice X delivers on every level.

RRP: £149.99

Media Enquiries: David Wheatley

T: +44 (0)7740 684568





Terrain Etrolley

BIG MAX tackles tough tracks with Terrain


BIG MAX adds Terrain e-trolley to award winning range designed to make life on the course that little bit easier.

BIG MAX, the most owned push trolley brand in Europe, is adding to its award winning range with the launch of a new electric model – Terrain. The three wheel trolley is designed to give you complete control on even the toughest tracks, making life on course that little bit easier and leaving you free to concentrate on your game.

The Terrain earns its stripes with a series of clever systems that keep you on course. The 230w whisper quiet motor delivers power a plenty while the reinforced differential and automatic downhill braking keeps speed constant. This combines with differential steering and robust construction to safely navigate the fairways whatever the gradient or surface level. The Terrain also features a colour display for speedometer, battery status and distance control while the folding mechanism is distinctly BIG MAX as it simply packs away to fit in any car boot with ease.

Terrain E-Trolley

On the height adjustable handle the Terrain has a neat storage facility with room for scorecard, GPS or phone. It also houses an optional solar charger to keep all of your devices topped up on your round. With Lithium as standard and a host of compatible accessories such as a seat, drinks holder and umbrella holder, the Terrain offers comfort and practicality for every user. Take it ‘Off Road’ and golfers immediately benefit as it eats up the Terrain like few others on the market.

SRP: £799





Dri Lite

BigMax – Innovation at a lite price

New BIG MAX DRI LITE Bags Deliver Style and Innovation at a Fantastic Price

BIG MAX is bringing three new golf bags to market this summer – Dri Lite PRIME, Dri Lite G and Dri Lite 7. All three feature BIG MAX DRI LITE technology, providing high levels of waterproofing along with plenty of practical features, all at a fantastic price point.

Dri Lite

This new range from BIG MAX incorporates waterproof zips and robust, tear resistant waterproof fabric – the same as the award winning Aqua range. This delivers a water resistant golf bag that is the equal of what most brands in the market call ‘Waterproof.’ With its level of waterproofing, most other brands would call DRI LITE waterproof, but with the time and effort taken to ensure the Aqua range is 100% waterproof, BIG MAX are happy to call DRI LITE Water Resistant, knowing it will keep all but the wettest, winter days at bay.

DRI LITE PRIME is the solo addition to the cart bag range. With 14 full length dividers, 9.5in top and oversize putter well to incorporate the largest grips, all a golfer’s clubs will be easily stored and accessible. 9 pockets including oversize cooler, dedicated battery pocket and valuables will keep even the most well equipped player’s gear safe and dry. At just 2.9kg and with a robust carry handle, getting the PRIME in and out the car is a breeze and at just £199.99 this is a lot of bag for the money.

Dri Lite

DRI LITE G is a full size stand bag that belies its capacity with a weight of just 2kg. A 14 way divider separates the 9in top giving plenty of room for a full set of clubs. An air channel strap for breathability across the back enhances comfort for the carrier while leg lock enables the ‘G’ to be perfectly stable on a cart. 7 pockets along with DRI LITE technology finish off the practical features and a price of £149.99 make it a great buy for those carrying with a full set of gear.

The DRI LITE 7 takes things down a notch, with a 7in top and 4 way divider, making it perfect for a summer round after work. At just 1.7kg and featuring an air channel strap the DL7 is perfect for carrying but the leg lock again gives golfers an easy option to use on a cart. Plenty of storage options and a price point of £89.99 make this a perfect choice for a golfer who wants to carry LITE.

Each of the bags is available in 5 stylish colour combinations. Visit for more information or get social at: Twitter: @BIGMAXGOLF Insta@ @BIGMAX.GOLF



Custom Fitting

Custom fitting – with Midlands Golf

Mandy Ambert – MG Lady Editor – Trentham GC – h/cap 12

In April MG Ambassador Scott and I were invited by the newly opened Midlands Golf Superstore at Stonebridge GC for a club fitting experience at their newly refurbished driving range and fitting lab.

They are well known in the West Midlands with other stores at Four Ashes and Nuneaton and it was a pleasure for me to have the experience under the careful tuition of master fitter Phil, as we tested a variety of clubs. He explained to me in terms I could understand about shaft flex for my swing, club head speed, club length and grip size and with trialling different makes of clubs it was easy to assess which were more suitable for me.

As I am keen to get some new fairway woods, I settled for the Cobra King F7s and look forward to receiving them. At my age now and a 12 handicapper with slow on-set of rheumatics and heaven knows what, I am happy to tweak a few things with my swing but would really prefer to have the clubs adapted to what I’ve got. I look to the flexibility of the juniors and remember the time when I could do that but now although still pretty active, I take paracetamol in anticipation of injury!! Not what I should be promoting as a Physiotherapist.

For those of you, irrespective of age or standard of golf, the Stonebridge store and the golf club’s facilities are very relaxing and made my day most enjoyable.

Update : Received my new fairway woods on Friday May 19th. The following week I played in a 36 hole Trentham GC ‘Major’ and only went and won the thing! As I normally tend to fade the ball, the new clubs instantly helped me to counter-act that as well as adding a bit of length. I feel so confident with them and in early June I went on to finish runner-up in another major club comp. Handicap is heading south, I’m now 11.5, aiming for single figures later this year and very happy!

Scott Woollett (MG ambassador) – Derby h/cap 15

‘Getting fitted for clubs is a sales tactic and makes no real difference.’

To prove me right, I went along to Stonebridge GC at Meridan for a fitting with Ian from Midlands Golf Pro Shop in the brand new all singing all dancing fitting bay.

I hit a few with my own Driver, Taylormade R11, and, a few 7 irons, Cleveland CG17. I hit my standard distances of 240 and 150 yards according to the swing analyser.

I wasn’t aware of the high amount of backspin I generated with my driver, 2600rpm, which apparently would cost me some run. I then started the fitting with the Taylormade M1 and M2 drivers. With both I gained more distance, 250-260yds with less spin of between 1800-2200. I also tried the new Mizuno JPX, distances were around 260yds with spin down as low as 700, but in terms of control, I had none. I sprayed the ball left, right and centre, I didn’t know where it would go.

Finally I tried the Callaway Epic Neutral. This was a revelation. My biggest was a 279yds flight, and I consistently achieved spin of around 1400. I also hit my regulation 10-15yd fade. This was the winner.

I then moved on to the irons, hitting the new Taylormades M1 & 2s, Mizunos JPX900, Cobras King F7 and the Callaway XR. I tried all with different weight shafts and flex. I like heavier clubs, so going heavier than the 85g in my own was always going to be the preferred route.

Again, I started with the Taylormades, which felt nice but didn’t really improve my current length or control. The Mizunos were very much like the driver, better distance but no control. When I tried the Callaways, Ian explained that these were the biggest hitting irons this year in all fittings. That is until I tried them. The weight and balance was nice but I just got way too much height with them. This subsequently meant they were shorter.

I approached the Cobras with absolutely no opinion as I’d never even hit or considered buying anything Cobra. After a few hits I had question why they’d never been in field of vision. They were impressive, my standard issue fade but with greater distance. I was hitting 165-170yds regularly with the 7 iron, I was officially converted.

So I’m getting the Callaway Epic Neutral Woods with Cobra King F7 Irons. So will fitted clubs help me become a better golfer? Hopefully. More importantly, I will have the confidence and belief in the clubs to make me better.

I will come back with an update as to how they have improved my game and handicap.

Richard Gray – Stoke-onTrent h/cap 11

I visited Midlands Golf National Club Fitting Centre (Nuneaton) with Mandy on Thursday April 27th and was extremely impressed with the whole setup. I had initially gone for a driver fitting but came away on the verge of buying a new set of irons. I must stress that this was not as a result of a hard sell. Quite the opposite. Once Phil had gone through the warm up he got me to hit numerous balls with my current 7 iron. Then, with the aid of the trackfinder, he fully explained what I was producing in terms of club head speed, launch angle, spin speed and deviation from target line and then took me through a variety of different shafts (flex, stiffness and length) and club heads comparing each with my original.

Having worked through the 7 iron options Phil then looked at my driver again comparing club head speed, spin and launch angle. The interesting result was that a Taylor Made M1 driver gave me only an extra 15 yards but the M1 7 iron gave me an extra 35 yards and a launch angle of 21 degrees compared with 28 on my current club, any wonder the ball was stalling in mid-flight and going nowhere.

At the end of the session Phil did not try and push me towards any purchase especially the driver but said that he would keep all the data and for me to !et him know what clubs, and when, suited me.

I would rate Phil’s easy manner, in depth knowledge and explanatory skill absolutely first class and would highly recommended him if you are considering any new clubs.

The main man – Phil, Midlands Golf

The first step of any custom fitting session is communicating with the customer. We use a detailed custom fitting form to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of the player and what they are looking to achieve from the session, which we then keep on our records for the next time the customer visits us.

For some it may be more distance, more consistency throughout the bag, or for some it means focusing on a specific part of their game.

The next step is for the client to hit some shots using their current clubs so the fitter is able to see the pattern of shots and determine what aspect of the clients game would benefit the most. Using latest GC2 launch monitor data the fitter is able to see direction, dispersion, ball speed, clubhead speed, launch angle and spin of the customer shots.

Using this information, the fitter is able to use their own product knowledge and experience to make very specific recommendations, focusing on the areas that will bring the most substantial improvement to the player and their scores. Many customers come to us with a specific brand in mind but once they have tried a range of brands often end up with a different brand. All of the brands are different which is why it is key to go to a fitter who has a large range of brands for the customer to try.

The main aim at the end of any fitting session is to have provided the customer with the best clubs available, giving them greater consistency so that they can enjoy playing golf more!

Midlands Golf ” For Everything Golf “

Golf retail superstores with full custom fitting services provided at three locations:

Stonebridge GC – Somers Road, Meriden, Coventry, CV7 7PL – 01676 521000

Four Ashes GC – Four Ashes Road, Dorridge, Solihull, B93 8NQ – 01564 778072

Nuneaton Superstore – Weddington Road, Nuneaton, CV10 0AD – 02476 329225


Golf Buddy LR7 Laser Rangefinder

GolfBuddy’s new LR7 Laser Rangefinder

GolfBuddy, the world-leading developer of distance measuring devices made exclusively for golfers, is introducing its latest laser rangefinder for 2017 – LR7.

The LR7 builds on the market leading features of GolfBuddy’s hugely popular LR5. Housed in a compact, ergonomic body and weighing just 218g, the lightweight LR7 fits snugly in the hand and provides accurate distances to +- 1 yard at a simple touch of a button.

With 6 x magnification for ease of target location and four scan modes, the LR7 is simple to use and has a mode function for every preference. Standard mode provides a quick distance to any selected target. With one click, Scan mode continuously scans for 10 seconds showing distances to varying targets. This proves particularly useful for assessing various hazards from the tee. Pin mode, again with just one click, scans for 10 seconds before displaying the distance to the closest target, making it most useful for approach shots. Pin finder mode repeats the function of pin mode but adds in a vibration function for confirmation of an acquired target.

Practical features such as automatic shut off after 10 seconds, water resistance, default to last used settings and eyepiece adjustment for varying visual requirements finish off the package and with a battery indicator keeping track of 3000 to 5000 estimated uses you’ll never be caught short for a distance with the LR7.

The clean, white/silver/black design of the GolfBuddy LR7 looks great on the course and with a travel case and lanyard as standard, each model can be securely attached to a golf bag. With the LR7 accurate distances to any target are just a quick scan away and at a retail price of £249.99 the new model provides some of the best value for money distance measurement on the market.


Two new GolfBuddy watches

Two new GolfBuddy watches on the market

Golf Buddy, the world-leading developer of distance measuring devices made exclusively for golfers, is introducing two new models of GPS watch for 2017, including its most advanced ever model WTX.

The WTX delivers all the functionality usually associated with a handheld unit in a stylish, compact watch. With touchscreen function the golfer can navigate their way around the course with ease. Expected features such as distances to front, centre, back and hazards come as standard but the WTX also provides complete hole layout with golfers position, dynamic green view for accurate distances from the specific angle of approach, shot distance measurement and pin position selection for the most accurate distances possible. It also features extra ‘skins’ giving stylish watch options when not in GPS mode.

Smart phone compatibility brings extra levels of function, with on course updates available for download automatically via Bluetooth and fitness watch features such as odometer and GPS tracking. At just £199.99 WTX surpasses all expectations on price as well as function making this an incredibly attractive proposition.

Where the WTX offers advanced features and connectivity, WT6 delivers simple, accurate GPS numbers for the golfer that just wants yardage at a glance. 9 hour battery in golf mode and up to 2 months in watch, the WT6 gives dependable distances to front, centre, back and hazards. It benefits from Dynamic Green View for improved accuracy and at just £139.99 retail delivers everything that a golfer needs on the course at a superb price.

With GolfBuddy’s renowned accuracy, some of the most advanced features on the market, great pricing and U.K. dedicated customer support the WT6 and WTX are set to give GolfBuddy a great start to the season.

Zoom golf gloves

Zoom – Fits like a glove

With its ‘One Size Fits All’ technology, ZOOM is designed to fit YOUR hand

Buying a glove is a tricky business. Every golfer knows the routine. Under the disapproving glare of the club Pro you un-wrap, force it on, flex your hand and then badly re-pack gloves in an effort to find the one that fits best. A slightly baggy palm, a tiny pinch on the knuckle, unless you’re blessed with a model hand of exact M, M/L, or L proportions your glove will be the best fit you can find, not the perfect fit.

So when ZOOM gloves, the latest innovation from the same company that designs BIG MAX bags and trolleys, announces that they will be bringing a glove to the game that fits every hand perfectly, it’s something to be looked at in detail.

Designed and refined over the past two years with Austrian European Tour player Markus Brier, ZOOM has drawn inspiration from compression wear technology to create several unique golf applications. FLEXX-FIT ensures that the glove follows the contours of the golfers hand for a natural fit. The ingenious mix of flex zones are designed to accommodate various hand sizes and create a natural, second-skin feel. SHAPE-FIT creates 80% less wrinkles than traditional gloves meaning there is a much closer connection to the golf grip. This technology delivers an unsurpassed level of feedback and helps the glove stay in perfect shape round after round. And finally, INSTANT-FIT means that all of the comfort and performance characteristics are in place from shot one, you just have to get on with playing in perfect comfort.

While all ZOOM gloves feature the brand’s core technology, they come in three distinct designs. ZOOM TOUR features premium cabretta leather, delivering the instant feedback and superb feel favoured by many better players. ZOOM GRIP utilises tacky suede material to ensure the ultimate connection to the golf club, promoting an easy, tension free swing, and ZOOM WEATHER is covered with a honeycomb nylon pattern on the palm for enhanced grip, whatever the weather.

In addition to the most modern technology, ZOOM gloves feature several colour combinations that make them stand out from the crowd. With choice of technology, multiple colour combinations and one size that fits all, ZOOM takes all the guess work out of buying a golf glove. You’ll never have to compromise for the glove that fits you best, every golfer can now wear the glove that is perfect for their hand and will get the best out of their game.


RRP’s: TOUR (Cabretta) – £19.99, GRIP – £14.99, WEATHER – £11.99



Big Max golf bag

Big Max adds to award winning Aqua bag range

New styles designed to make life on the course that little bit easier

The AQUA golf bag range from BIG MAX is set to expand for another season as the brand adds two innovative new designs to the award winning series.

100% waterproof, with sealed seams and specially designed Japanese waterproof zippers, the Aqua range offers an un-matched level of waterproofing and will keep all a golfers’ gear dry all year round. Ultra-lightweight, tear resistant materials complete the robust practicality of construction and then each bag in the series adds its own take on making a golfer’s life on the course that little bit easier.

The BIG MAX Aqua V-1 offers all the practicality of the most spacious Tour bag and then adds innovation that makes it distinctly BIG MAX. The V-1 incorporates the first SPORT ORGANISER on the golf market. The new, patented V-Lock System uses a simple Turn & Lock technology that keeps all a golfer’s woods locked in place, leaving an unobscured view of the irons and an easy choice of every club for the next shot.

With 14 full length dividers, including oversize putter well for large grips, 9 waterproof pockets, 2 cooler pockets and a dedicated battery pocket, the Aqua V-1 gives a golfer with all the gear simplicity of use, Tour bag storage and unrivalled waterproof practicality.

The BIG MAX Aqua Style takes classic design and spacious capacity while keeping overall weight down to just 2.1kg. A 14 way divider top, oversize putter well and 9 waterproof pockets keep all a golfers clubs and gear neatly organised while the classic design in five different colour combinations helps the Style live up to its name. Getting a golfers gear round the course has never been so easy with all those BIG MAX touches, and doing it in Style now comes as standard.

The V-1 and Style add to the already impressive Aqua range that now covers Tour, Sport, V-1 and Style in cart bag and Aqua 6, 7 & 8 in stand bag. For more information on the BIG MAX Aqua range visit or follow socially:

Aqua V-1 £299.99 available in Black/Silver, Black/Lime, Blue/Black/Silver, Red/Black/White, White/Black/Orange

Aqua Style £249.99 available in White/Pink, Graphite/Orange, Silver/Lime, Crème/Chocolate, Navy/Silver




G/Fore clothing

‘Disruptive’ G/Fore goes to the top of the class

G/FORE has shown once again it can be relied upon to influence others with its 2017 autumn/winter collection. While other school reports from the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando might have read “must do better”, G/FORE was in the good books with its Disruptive Luxury theme, which encapsulated the brand’s trademark innovative design with a hint of unconventional mischief.

The American brand, which first sprung to prominence with its brightly-coloured gloves, premium eye-catching footwear and high-quality, edgy apparel, has raised the bar again with plenty of outstanding highlights among the new 2017 collection.

The Tipped Polos are constructed in breathable, fine, tech pique are now available in the full G/FORE colour palette to make the perfect match with shoes and gloves.

The Essential Polos offer the same broad selection of colours in lightweight mercerised cotton with a luxurious feel.

The ever-popular Gallivanter shoes boast some new updates, while the exciting new Disruptor fuses street fashion with the golf shoe – with a playful message hidden on the sole.

The launch of two versions of the special edition Competition Stripe glove, which features a contrasting thumb colour and retains the G/FORE hallmarks of quality, offers another option to add to the vast range.

G/FORE has gone from strength to strength since its creation by fashion-industry pioneer Mossimo Giannulli in 2011 and has established a growing reputation on the golf scene and beyond.

Giannulli said: “I’m thrilled with the reception at the 2017 PGA Show. From our collaboration with Peter Millar to the launch of the Disruptor, it just couldn’t have gone any better. We continue to evolve and grow and are encouraged by what the future holds for G/FORE.”

To view the brand’s full range of apparel, gloves, shoes and accessories, visit

Quattro - Big Max

Quattro – From Big Max

4-wheel stability and fold flat technology delivers robust simplicity for BIG MAX

When the biggest names want stability and traction they turn to 4-wheel drive. So as BIG MAX sets its sights on tackling golf’s toughest terrain, it’s quite natural that the answer from the innovation leader in push trolley technology is the 4-wheel Blade Quattro.

The 4-wheel Blade Quattro has been developed with the hilliest courses and toughest tracks in mind. Its extra wheel brings the robust stability needed to keep the trolley on track whatever the terrain. In addition to its superb stability, the Blade Quattro incorporates BIG MAX’s unique fold flat technology.

Used in BIG MAX’s award winning Blade+ and Autofold FF trolleys, BIG MAX fold flat technology is the perfect partner for the Blade Quattro. The extra wheel poses no problems for BIG MAX’s unique technology as all four wheels flip neatly under the trolley in one swift movement. Considering its robust and stable frame, the simplicity with which the Blade Quattro folds, transports and stores is nothing short of remarkable.

On the course is where this trolley really shines. Its 4 wheels glide across the toughest terrain, even with the largest TOUR bag on board. It offers complete stability even when traversing a hillside and keeps you on course whatever the conditions underfoot. A footbrake keeps the trolley in place when stationary and a host of features such as the organiser panel with storage compartment, height adjustable handle and quick fix and quick lok fixings for BIG MAX accessories complete the package.

Combining Fold Flat technology and 4-wheel stability the Blade Quattro offers a robust simplicity that is unrivalled. For any course it offers every practicality that a golfer who loves to push could want, but hit the hills or rough terrain and the Blade Quattro leaves the competition in its wake.

Available in Black, Black/Lime, White, White/Red in stores from March 2017

RRP: £279.99

F:   –   T: @BIGMAXGOLF   –   Insta: @BIGMAX.GOLF

Media Enquiries: +44 (0)7740 684568

Lamkin z5 grips

Lamkin introduces Z5 grips

Lamkin Corporation– the original manufacturer of premium golf grips – is introducing its latest innovation – Z5 – to the U.K. and European golf market from February 2017. Designed to deliver maximum control, comfort and consistency with every swing, Z5 boasts 5 distinct zones, each delivering a specific functional advantage. Using a variety of compounds, textures and colours, Z5 is the most advanced grip that the-92-year old grip expert has ever produced.

Each of the five scientifically engineered zones of Z5 are uniquely designed for a specific performance-enhancing function. The horizontal pattern and soft cord weave under the upper hand enhances grip stability and traction, while a shallow micro texture at the bottom improves feel and comfort for the lower hand. Carefully designed patterns and a simulated rope texture in the middle zone promote proper hand pressure and placement, creating a fluid backswing to better position the club head for increased speed, distance and control.


“This is the most advanced grip Lamkin has ever produced, as our team of engineers scientifically broke down the key characteristics required to properly support the top and bottom hands during the swing,” says Bob Lamkin, President and CEO of Lamkin. “We developed unique patterns, compounds, and textures for the Z5 that enhance feel and incorporate alignment aides to increase confidence and consistency with every shot.”

The high-performance Z5 grips are made from a proprietary rubber compound that ensures maximum durability, feedback and torsion control while making the grip an excellent choice for all-weather playability. The functions of the five zones include:

  • Zones 1 and 2 feature soft cord weave designed to provide the top hand with exceptional traction, enhanced comfort and slip-free confidence in all weather conditions.

  • Zone 3 includes two FingerLock panels to ensure the thumb is in an optimal position, while a simulated rope texture offers a tactile response to enhance club control without the need for excessive grip pressure.

  • Zones 4 and 5 provide an exceptional feel for the lower hand thanks to the shallow micro-texture and a V-shaped dividing groove that promotes consistent hand positioning

The Z5 is available in red, black and blue colour combinations in standard and midsize models.


More information:

Twitter: @LamkinGrips


About Lamkin Grips

Lamkin Grips’ golf heritage dates back to 1925 when founder Elver B. Lamkin began manufacturing golf’s first leather grips. Today, the family-owned business delivers the industry’s widest assortment of performance-enhancing golf grips that continue to earn loyal customers worldwide. Through their ongoing dedication to unequaled product quality and service support, Lamkin Grips is passionately committed to connecting golfers to a more confident, consistent and enjoyable game.



David Wheatley

Medi8 Ltd

+44 7740 684568



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